New icons for Blender 2.8


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Not really. If you put something in a layer and kinda forget about it, it is as if its deleted. Only noticable difference it makes is saving time, and file size, but i always do a big cleanup when im done with a project.

The things im talking about are stuff like Sculpted meshes that’s been used for retopo
duplicates of models with modifiers (when i convert them to mesh)
Blocked scenes, and objects
test objects for things like lighting, shaders, modfiers, etc.

Stuff i will probably not need, but might as well save cause why not.

That said, this is just my workflow. Mainly because i dont want to have multiple copies of the same file, and i wanna keep things so i can look back at them later to see where i started out. Kinda like a breakdown. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ohh my god thats so dumb… Cheers, that works. This should still be visible in the users preferences though even though its not bound! What the hell? This makes discovering hidden features a lot harder!

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The only save icon we need.

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I just have to say I’ve really enjoyed this thread. So much passionate conversation.

My favorite part, by far though, was when Andrzej finally said that he would “replace the Check Mark the Save icon with a Floppy the Save”. And that comment got close to the most likes of any comment on this thread - 25! And then shortly after he announced that “the floppy has landed” and that comment got another 12 likes.

And almost immediately afterward William said he’d “rather just remove the icon for save altogether”. And that comment got. NO. LIKES. AT. ALL.



LOL… my balls!

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1st rule of software design - poll your users, find out exactly what they want…then totally ignore it and do your own thing :slight_smile:


oh yeah, because you can.

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Just for reference, how many of you actually go into the file-menu to save anyways? We even got the ‘industry standard’ ctrl+s to save with now… whatever icon gets put on the save icon, it really does not matter much… Not enough to make this much of a fuss about anyways… Even the checkmark does a good job i think, it even has the text in there…

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I haven’t posted here before, but just wanted to point out that this thread is almost 3000 posts and you’ve been discussing about a save icon (one of the most universally standarized if not the most) for almost 10 days, 200 posts and today is new years eve and still discussing about it (So I am lol).Anyway, happy new year everyone :wink:



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Remove all the icons in the menu altogether.

Why should some menu items gain the “privilege” of an icon, while others don’t?

Because if they all had icons, then it’d be far too busy and confusing? Well, isn’t that implicitly telling you something about why cramming redundant visual information in there unnecessarily might be a bad idea?

And, yes, “redundant”. It’s redundant because right next to the icon is the word “Save”. That word exactly and unambiguously tells you what it does.

Having only some items have icons and others not is visually asymmetric and unbalanced. Having all the items have icons would be far too cluttered and visually confusing.

Having no icons is clean and professional. Icons are redundant anyway, as the actual text is right next to it in a menu anyway - just read the text to discover its meaning.

No, I don’t consider the “here’s the menu in a foreign language, can you work out, from the icon alone, which one is save?” to be a valid test.

Because if you can’t speak Japanese then why have you set the language to Japanese? This is not a situation that occurs or will occur.

And, quite frankly, if we’re accounting for this wholly artificial hypothetical, why stop at the icons in the menu. How are you going to be able to do anything with this Japanese version of Blender that you can read a word of? What about those other menu items that don’t have icons, eh? How this is hypothetical can’t-read-Japanese-but-insists-on-running-Blender-in-Japanese user going to cope with all the other bits of the UI that don’t have icons? Do they also like to run Microsoft Word in Russian too, just to spice things up?

This, in my opinion, is not a valid test.

Menus require no icons. They already have text which is clear and unambiguous. And I advise our hypothetical user to change the language settings so it’s not a language that they can’t comprehend - and that they really should stop being quite so silly.

(p.s. I am only referring to icons in menus. Icons in toolbars - where there usually is no accompanying text - is a different matter. But the application menus and context menus just don’t need it.

p.p.s. Someone earlier posted what most of the competing products use and - oh, look - none of them use icons in the menu at all. Hint, hint.)

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You never know when blender will grow to become like c4d, where you can detach the menu, get rid of the text and stay only with the icons to save some room. Hahaha.


but c4d has well-recognizable icons …

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Yeah, can’t complain. :slight_smile:


One quick point… The shape of an SD card actually looks an awful lot like that of a 3.5 inch floppy disk: a rectangle with a notched corner, a label, and an overwrite protection tab. The major noticeable differences from the label side are the proportions (floppies are square, SD are more elongated, different size of notches), location of the label, and the metal door on floppies.

Why not use a slightly abstract/stylized icon that could be interpreted as either a floppy drive OR an SD card, satisfying people who recognize either object more readily? It seems to me that using either a paper icon or an arrow pointing into it (import?) is going off track and diverging from its utility as an icon. I feel that either a floppy/SD or no icon are the only useful options here (although I personally prefer the floppy/SD).

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But one day they might work out the tool properties better and we’ll end up with an (optional) top tool bar like some other programs. In that case it is nice to have icons that are recognizable without attached text…

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That issue can be tackled when that “one day” comes? Personally I 100% agree on removing the icons altogether from the menus. It just looks cleaner/classier. The icons serve no real purpose in the menus. There is text already letting you know what the menu item is. For some reason I had thought that was the direction the BF was going to take a while back. I wonder why they changed their minds.

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In my case, waiting for the mechanism to disable texts…

Yes, we’ve been here before :wink: To be prepared for such an opportunity is what makes a difference between a happy genius and a mad scientist…