New icons for Blender 2.8


(moony) #3114

I do every time. I never use the keyboard shortcut.


Is this gonna’ be implemented, was it accepted or it just slipped through the cracks?

(cet77) #3116

Never? Whoa… For my part, i would go crazy from going into the menus all the time… Shortcuts makes live just so much more easy… I mean, usually my hand rests on the asdf keys, and the left part of my palm touches the ctrl button anyways… just lean the hand a little to the left and click s and that’s it… no mouseclicking, no mousetravel, just a simple lean and click… :slight_smile: Anyways, it’s not that big of a deal, is it? All of us do know how to read, and the save command is in the same place, muscle memory should take care of most of that… for new users, the absence of a save icon wouldn’t be a problem, cause other software also omits that in the menu, and nobody complains… I don’t really care either way, it’s just that this thread is drowning in the debate about the floppy/save icon, and it has become rather boring to read… xD

(Hadriscus) #3117

Nice mockup !! But what does this icon mean ? Please explain

Happy new year ! :smiley:

(moony) #3118

It’s a screenshot from the Amiga 500 version of Blender 2.8… :wink:


@jendrzych What is icon I23 used for?


Maybe the 27th floppy of his split archive of his thesis got corrupt … :joy:

(JoseConseco) #3121

Can the first icon be swapped with last one in soft selection? I find myself constantly trying to disable it, event if it is off, because of the white dot in center of disable icon. Removing whited dot in center (so basically swapping first and last icon) would make things more consistent :
I think it is confusing, because these icons remind radiobutton - and disabled radioubuttons should have empty center.


… and you forgot the children who don’t know to read yet but like to play with Blender. And they’re doing this by learning the icons and the position of buttons and menu items …

(jendrzych) #3123

It is designed for 2D Projected Proportional Editing.

(Hadriscus) #3124

Good point. I’d also like to see an icon specific to Projected mode to distinguish it from enabled. Can’t think of one right now.


It is not used in the program. I mentioned this in my first [ICON ALERT] post, but it was ignored. Here is the post again, if you don’t mind reading it:

  • I wanted to mention that, in Edit Mode, the icons for [ Enable ] and [ Projected (2D) ] Proportional Editing use the same icon. If I’m not wrong, a different icon had been created for the Projected (2D) menu item.

  • Also, whoever edited icons V4-V7 and made them shorter, forgot to move the little lines (the ones indicating mouse movement) a bit lower and maybe even shorten them by a pixel too, so they line up better with the changed mouse icons.

(Lsscpp) #3126

I guess that’s what we’ll all do, despite the tone of some posts :blush:

(Lsscpp) #3127

btw a new shortcut is F4 then ‘7’ (7th item in list). Once you get the grasp it’s quicker and one-hand

(Sago) #3128

people are still talking about a frickin’ floppy disk? Let’s move on, everybody. It’s 2019!!

Anyway, I asked before regarding proportional edit icons. I guess an image would be easier to see.


Wouldn’t it also be more consistent if the active tools were blue?

(noki paike) #3129

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(Hadriscus) #3130

Totally agree, but this comes from the fact that in object mode the button is a toggle, whereas in edit mode it’s a dropdown. I would turn the edit mode dropdown into a button as well, PLUS a dropdown (or rather a popover actually) to select the mode (normal, connected, projected) and the attenuation curve - incidentally that would give some room for a custom curve widget… wink wink.

(AFWS) #3131

Look at this, LOL. uses a floppy for save icon.


Hi @jendrzych,

Do you mind sharing your experience about designing icons?

I tried designing my own and they tend to not be very crisp (the borders look pixelated), once implemented in the UI. I draw them at 32x32 pixels in Photoshop, but they loose a few pixels if they are minimized / rescaled.

Here I have some questions:

  1. Do you design an icon at only one resolution regardless? Or do you redraw the same icon at different resolutions?
  2. What are the various icon resolutions used through out Blender? (32x32…)
  3. Do you let margins when you draw the icon? If so, how many pixels do you leave?
  4. Do you use specific nuances of grey and white for different purposes?
  5. Do you have general guidelines or some tips that come to mind when drawing them?


(jendrzych) #3133

Blender uses 16x16 pixel matrix for standard displays and 32x31 for retina displays. My icons are designed as vectors in 16x16 pix grid, so the bigger version (31x31) are automagically generated in the process of the app compilation. To get crisp icons, You’ve to design them in default size of 16 per 16 pixels.
I plan to compile a complete style guidelines, so hold on Your breath. I can’t say when it will be ready, since I have to take care of my business, gathering orders for next months.