New icons for Blender 2.8



I never compiled Blender, so I’m not familiar with that process.
But I assume you make them in Illustrator and probably save them as .svg…?
So, at what point do your icons become .png? Or maybe they don’t…??

(Markus Mayer) #3135

Blender uses a inkscape routine during compilation to build the icons from an SVG. Typically they are also edited in Inkscape

(Hadriscus) #3136

@William I hope this is on your todo list !!


So when we see them integrated in Blender’s interface they are still vectorial, not raster. Right?

(Markus Mayer) #3138

I am by no means an expert in this but I believe they are compiled in to some sort of OpenGL code.
As I understand it, that’s the reason why the user can’t just swap for a custom icon file.

But again, this statement needs to be verified by someone more knowledgeable than me.

(Hadriscus) #3139

No they’re rasterized versions and Blender interpolates between different sizes for different interface scale values (read that somewhere on d.b.o).

(kayosIII) #3140

Download and save are conceptually very similar one is storing data from the internet locally, the other is storing data from from an application locally. I am not sure how much the distinction matters, and quite frankly as a concept it is probably easier to intuit.



Until jendrzych will get some time to write those guidelines, you can:

  1. Download the .svg file from the first post (right-click > save image as);
  2. Install Inkscape (if you don’t have it already) from here;
  3. Open the .svg file and change the background color to a darker tint to see the icons: File - Document Properties - Page - Background color;
  4. Display the grid to see the pixel alignments: View - Page Grid. You may also switch the Display Mode between Normal and Outline (Ctrl+NumPad 5 two times) to see the shapes or you can use the Edit Path tool (F2) to select the paths and see the node placement.

It really worth taking a look at the masterpiece jendrzych is creating here, how all the shapes are cut, aligned and combined (when possible) for maximum clarity and clean objects. All my admiration for him for his work.

Regarding the further steps about compiling Blender, you can read some instructions for linux here.

(rombout) #3142

If find the checkmark for a save icon so weird. What is the big issue with the floppy, you could see it as flash drive now which is still used a lot. Or perhaps make it a drive icon.

A nice one would be the import icon, but since that is now already used its taken already.

If the need for a checkmark is needed, why not add a small document around the icon.
See below quick mockup, this makes more sense than a checkmark i think. This is because its show in combination with a checkmark. Where a checkmark by itself is more like a validation icon.

Version 2

Version 1

Another version with checkmark in the bottom right. A bit toned down with more detail towards the checkmark.

One thing i dont get is why documents have the small corner flipped to what we see in most cases. The small fold is most of the time on the right side

(Xury Greer) #3143

I like your mockups, but the issue with the checkmark is that it looks like a status: as if it’s telling you that the file has already been saved.

(rombout) #3144

Well the mark by it self is mostly used to make a confirmation. Most of the time you see such a mark for WM dialog or to confirm an action. So the single icon does make sense. But the icon by itself is not related to file-saving i think. That why i added the small doc icon.

Another version could be a drive icon or 3 bars indicating a drive or memory

(rombout) #3145

I think it makes sense, but than comes the question… Which ones are Primary? Why not make primary bolder in color so pure white and secundary and perhaps tertiary even less. Since icons speak more than words in most cases an icon can make the context clear in a quick glance.

Though i must say i like the clean look now with just a few icons. It takes a small bit of adjusting, sometimes i keep thinking its not finished yet orso, like some are missing.

I do think “Recover Last Session” should get an icon. Since this is quite an important function

(jendrzych) #3146

Recover Las Session - it already has got an icon. You can find it in BA22 cell. It’s just not used in the File menu, but found its place in the splash screen.

(rombout) #3147

What splashscreen you mean?

I know its there, they should add it as its quite an important one.

But same goes for edit menu, where i think undo and redo are the main actions but dont have an icon

(AFWS) #3148

Wouldn’t something like this be better for import/export. Anything with arrows pointing up/down makes me think upload/download.

(rombout) #3149

Indeed import/export looks nice like this. Perhaps a small thing though. Icons work better if they a sort of squared shaped. This one is now more wide than it is heigh.

I hope im explaining it properly

(jendrzych) #3150

That’s the main reason those icons do not look like in AFWS’s proposal, which is great BTW.

(rombout) #3151

I did quick adjustment. Yet they dont show as nice with this rotated arrow. It should perhaps have more of a mirrored look, since the function is the opposite.

import-icon-128x export-icon-128x

(jendrzych) #3152

I find it overcomplicated, especially in native 100% scale (14x14 pix). They’re so busy, that it makes their opposition not so much clear. Actually, downloading the data to the Blender equals importing this data, so… I’ll stick with current design.

(rombout) #3153

What you mean by “downloading data to Blender”???