New icons for Blender 2.8 Support user icon sheets in PNG format

On save icons

@Dorro Ah, but since Jesus is a mushroom I guess this is the original save icon:


Color icons for the properties tabs have been commited by Brecht, didn’t build Blender yet so I don’t have any image :confused: if someone does, please share :smile:



Is it up on buildbot yet?

I doubt it. It was just committed. Should be included whenever buildbot next updates, though.

that’s’ the final countdown :grin:

Is there a way to change the order for the icons? Using the physics/particles maybe once in a while, constraints now and then, but the other one’s quite frequently. I guess I could get used to it but it’s not ideal.

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Yeah I feel like “object data” (ie mesh/lamp/camera) should reside under “object”. Material up higher there too just under “object data”


Ye, not really sure why that would be so isolated as it is now. Object properties and object data is way more related than particles and whatnot.

I’d even go as far as having the option to re-arrange or hide certain tabs in the settings.

Maybe to new icon colors will help a bit.

Wonderful. Now the icons are even harder to read with slightly lighter themes. Can we just have the ability to use custom icon sets and be done with it? I’m sick of thinking about icons.

Didn’t someone create a patch that lets you use your own image? What happened with that?

Lets just do what the game industry does when they have problems with their games that they dont want to bother solving. INTRODUCING!

MODDING - For blender

which is basically addons…
but i dont think addons can change the look of icons

or anything for that matter :frowning:

So lets call it MODDING+! for blender


they are themeable now, and i believe the patch is not final yet,…u’re quick to judge.

They’re also adding themeable icon borders for better contrast on light themes.

Edit: Also custom icon sheets may happen.


Actually, I’ve been incredibly slow to judge. How do you think they are going to improve these ‘coloured’ icons, precisely? It’s a colour overlay over monochrome icons, so It’s going to look crappy no matter how you slice it. As for being themeable, they really aren’t. How do you change the colours of tab icons (aka radio buttons) without changing them application wide?

As far as I’m aware, you can’t.

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finally I tried the new build with colored icons … I really like this monochrome-colored icons, while I work on the 3D view, now, with the edge of the eye I can immediately identify the section I need.

this is the icing on the cake.
good job guys

(I can’t wait to see how people will come up with the themes)


they are themeable based on the objects type like in the outliner it’s in the settings and you can change both their color and opacity as far as know…like i said this is just the first draft, and each theme needs tweaking weather it’s the default ones or the users made…this is the best choice so far until custom icon sheet gets implemented which is not an easy task.

Lol. This colored stuff was actually weirdly done.
Why the first 5 icons are still treated as text while the colored ones are not? This is inconsistent as hell.

And btw, Microsoft already started abandoning the cursed flat icon design. Too bad Blender is still trying to enter in this dead zone.

man, the first few times I read you I was angry, but now I’ve learned to know you, and I’m starting to understand your subtle and pungent sense of hummor.

Todd Howard approves of this message!

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Who cares what Microsoft does anyways… In my book Microsoft sucks. xD I’d rather have flat icons than going back to xp or that glossy shiny lollipop stuff they did in vista… Keep it flat i say, keep it flat…