New icons for Blender 2.8


(smilebags) #446

To me it looks like indents clearly indicate the hierarchy. I didn’t notice anything lacking when looking at it, and immediately understood which items were expanded and which aren’t. If people did want some ‘expanded state’ indication, maybe the space where the current horizontal line is could be used for a carat rotated either in or down.

(Thornydre) #447

Do you think it wouldn’t fit with a really standard way, like arrows or little “+” inside a circle ? But I love the way the selected objects are highlit with colors, works really well IMO :slight_smile:

(jendrzych) #448

+/- symbols are associated with adding/removing items in GUI, so arrows are better way to go.

(Jean Franco Amoni Rodríguez) #449

Your perspective is unique! I want to see more!

(Dzmitry) #450

I prefer older… this flatness really hurts.

(kabu) #451

New look is simply amazing

(jendrzych) #452

A bunch of skeches and icon doodles - File Browser this time.

(dimitribastos) #453

I like the flatiness but I’m not a fan of the lack of colors. I think that colors work as a code, for easy navigation and organization.

(jendrzych) #454

As I said many times before - I focus on shapes right now, but help and sugesstions with explanation what and why, followed by drafts and mockups, are more than welcome!

(0ptikz) #455

Much nicer. Do you know anyone who can pester a developer to enable custom icon sets? I want to start using these as soon as possible.

(Buttercup) #456

Love the new icons!

Any plans to pick up the ideas of pauloup and MartinZ to use colors with the new icons?

(sozap) #457

I think color code need a broader design , this one is using already 4 color only for modifiers. This must be thought a bit deeper. Like what we want to differentiate first ? ex : ob vs ob data, operators, object type .
There isn’t so many colors to be used and blender 2.8 shouldn’t look like a rainbow .

But yes, I think it’s planned to integrate color in the end …

(jendrzych) #458

I don’t plan to make icons for modifiers. At least not now. Simple alphabetical list will work good enough, IMHO.

Sth like this…

(sozap) #459

I personally find that the categories (Modify , Generate , Deform , Simulate) are more intuitive than alphabetical order.
In alphabetical order you must know first how the modifier you’re looking for is named and what it’s doing. With categories you have a clue about what it’s doing and potentially if it’s what you’re looking for.

I agree with you that icons aren’t really needed they don’t help that much to find some modifier or convey what they are doing.

(jendrzych) #460

Having lists categorized wouldn’t hurt.

(sozap) #461

Yeah ! best of both world, Maybe having letter isn’t needed, just the spacing ? Anyway , point is icons aren’t specially useful …

(jendrzych) #462

Not directly icons related, but I’d love to see some enhancement in Blender’s “filtering” funcionality:

{fig. A}
Filtering’s disabled with not a single file type button active:

{fig. B}
Funnel icon still disabled, but the “Image” file type button’s turned on. All bitmaps in file list gets some kind of visual accentuation:

{fig. C}
Filtering’s enabled, so file list notes only selected type of content (bitmaps in this very example):

I dream about gettin’ the instant “fig. B” - imagine, that fltering is disabled; a user selects a certain type of file directly in the file list and Blender higlights other items of the same kind automagicaly on the fly. This would help differentiating and accentuating content with no extra use of colour…

(William) #463

jendrzych: Hi, can you update your svg icon file? I see you’ve added a bunch of icons which aren’t included in the svg yet?

I will help try and add all the ‘glyphs’ first. Plus, Minus, X, Play, Pause, Full Screen etc, All those will use the text theme color. Then we can think about the more elaborate icons for the Outliner etc afterwards.

(jendrzych) #464

I ditched updating the *.svg, because some of icons for certain functions were designed from scratch and have no representation in the icon sheet, while actual GUI use another item. I decided, that mockups will do better PR for the project than disfunctional *.svg.
I plan to gather all my design in the updated *.svg and it seems the right time is now :wink:

P.S. Fullscreen has no flat icon yet, but it should change soon.

(William) #465

Right, now would be a good time. I can add them in as soon as you post an update.

BTW, what did you do abt icon sizes? Currently there seems to be some inconsistencies. Some have margin and some don’t, and go all the way to the edge of the buttons.