new ideas:

Hello again, in light of the fact that my last suggestion (about the grease pencil) turned out well, I decided to throw these ones out there:

Now that the grease pencil could create a rig, is it possible to get it to move it around? I mean could you move and bend a character with a simple brush stroke, just as how one sculpts on a model? I thought of tis because I was having trouble getting my 3d windows to fit alongside everything else on my laptop (I thought choosing a widescreen one wouldn’t give me this problem…) so that the character was decently visible, then it occured to me that it may be better to sometimes zoom out and edit a pose so that it “reads” better. However editing it would be impossible since the controllers would be too small and hard to find, but why bother with controllers if you could move the entire character from top to bottom compleately with the stroke of a pen or mouse?

I’m also interested in ways one can achieve the “successive breaking of joints” to a rig, since for the most part it is impossible to do so without twisting the geometry. Could there be a way to temporarily “separate” a part of a limb in order to break it without affecting the rest of the model, and “reattach” it again when we get into another step of the scene, without the texture acting funny? Is there a way to “composite” around this issue?

On a similar note, why cant we use splines for IK instead of linear “poles,” per se? That way at least in a liner fasion one could achive some breaking of joints since that part of the body could bend any direction without any hinderance of the controllers.

How about it?