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(Brian J) #1

Hi all,

After nearly eight months of not using Blender I have finally gotten around to using it again. I used Terragen and imported with ter2blend then added the Lighthouse.

Comments welcome!
Brian J

(snailrose) #2

It’s very peaceful
Maybe a little more definition on the forground would
make it even better :smiley:


(BgDM) #3

Some definition would definitely help. Also, I feel that the scale of the light house is off witht he rocks/land.

Nice job though. I need to get back to using that script again some time.


(theeth) #4

nice peaceful pic

personnaly, I think that the lighthouse is too light compared to the rest, but, if you follow the other suggestions and add more light to the Terragen part, it would be better

cheers! :smiley:


(S68) #5


Cool, quiet image, but I feel the following issues:

Seascape looks large scale, I mean, waves dimension, and the complete flatness of the sea at land border (this is terragen fault) makes me think that those rocks are quite BIG, and those things in the middle of the sea are not islands but are not small rocks either…

Un the other hand the light house is BIG, I get the impression of a 100meters or more high tower, and an unproportonated top…

Furthermore the lightning is very soft with a barely perceivable contrast on the land, wherehas the lighthouse as a strong, high contrasted light which looks a bit out of place.

Just my 2 c.