New in blender and scripting


Hi, I’m using Linux and I recently started using blender.

I also know a little python.

I liked the relationship with python blender. I searched google tutorials to learn how to use blender with python from zero to advanced stuff, but I just found bits and pieces.

So far what I have are the websites of the manuals, which are web python scripts by categories, sites with parts of code and little else.

Is there any particular website have to consider ?.

Thanks for the answers.

Your best answer is youtube.

If you google “blender game python” in youtube you will come up with easy to follow tutorials, assuming you want to code in the game engine. All the other documentation is like a minefield and trouble with compatibility since the developers keep changing the API

Other than that, you would need to launch blender from the console, not sure how to do that on linux, I use mac, this way you can debug your program.

The console window is also useful as you can add new object, resize them etc and it shows the code dump in the window. All you’re doing is copying that script into python.:wink: