New Indigo renderer website online !

We have a new website,
with phpbb forums,
a new gallery with heaps of indigo renders,
and a documentation CMS which is under development.

Have a look :wink:

For those who don’t know what indigo is:

Indigo is a new, free render engine which uses
MLT (metropolis light transport) on top of single and bidirectional path-tracing, the same tech than the new maxwell renderer.
Light is modelled at the wavelength level as spectral values,
which add a lot of depth/realism and ‘natural’ GI to it’s renders.

Blender export scripts are available and its use is growing.

Although we don’t have a lot of documentation online yet,
making it somewhat difficult to start for new users,
good docs and a blender tutorial are on its way,
we’ll keep you posted…


no osx yet … :frowning: very nice looking though

is there on os x or intel os x build in plans?

not at this time, no…
but you could dual boot into windows on an intel mac right ?

or maybe try this:

wine for mac os X, indigo 0.5 release should run on it…
it runs under wine on linux…


Aye, it runs extremely well under linux and wine. That’s not to say it’s fast, it’s not, but it’s no slower than the native Windows executable on the same box under XPSP2+… a 3 hour render will finish within seconds of each other. (and the linux box stays responsive, unlike said XP box when it’s pegged.)

that is true, i forgot about that.
when i have my new instructor mac i will ry out
parallel desktops to see how far just pure render engines
could be used with os x while modeling in blender under os x.

the speed should not be that much slower with those engine!

thats nice!!!

will be waiting for the documentation and tutorial

But remember that Parallels virtualises only one core but that at almost full speed. It’s really good. Too sad there are no Parallels Tools (mouse driver, video driver) for Linux yet…


Hi, nice web page!

I liked the previous front page but the forum is far better than before, althought the default theme it is not very nice.

Im finding it verry difiicult to set up the lights…

Its not a speed demon, but then that’s kinda up to you, 'cause when you have MLT on, you can let the image render as long as you like - it just keeps refining it indefinitely. The new 0.6 test 1 has big speed improvements and is multithreaded.

Also, attention any Python coders out there: the Blender export script could use your skills! (See the wiki page here.) It’s working well in its current form, but much needs yet to be done. Alternately, anyone interested in tighter integration with Blender’s updated render pipeline structure and knowledge of how to code it, please step forward! :slight_smile:

Well, the pictures are pretty and all, but it seems like this thing really needs documentation. Also when i run it under wine it just says “IniFileExcep: could not open file ‘localinifile.txt’.” though the file is placed in the same folder as the indigo.exe… Anyway good luck with the project

yes, true,
but the documentation will be available soon! :wink:
i am currently working on a blender / indigo tutorial,
which will be finished hopefully by next week…
I’ll post it here on the forums when finished…

regarding wine,
it’s an ugly way to run it…
0.5 RELEASE works on wine though.

Ports to linux and mac os X are not out of the question,
but we first need to get something decent on windows before
we can start porting… (eg, you can’t start translating a book
to other languages when it’s not finished :wink:



just add a sunlight in blender and position it propperly,
that will enable a skylight in indigo.

or add some planes or cubes (meshes),
and set the emit value higher than 0 in blender,
and those meshes will be ‘mesh emitters’,
eg they will be lamps.
if they are black, flip they’re normals :wink:
if your scene is blue, set the blender world env color to black…

it’s not that hard, actually,
you just need to get a grip on how stuff gets
translated from blender values to indigo values…
the tutorial will cover all of these :wink:


I’m really happy to hear that a linux/osx port isn’t totally out of the question sometime in the future. But your project looks so interesting that i just cant wait, so i guess i have to force one of my windows friends to install it so i can try it out :slight_smile: im looking forward to the tutorial. Keep up the good work!

i’m hoping for a mac os x version as well. i have used it on windows for a couple minutes, and it seems pretty cool.

Hey, what’s 10,000 mutations per pixel between friends? :stuck_out_tongue:

Somewhere around here I have the ior_test example rendered @ 1920x1440 for like 5 days… just because I could. (I’m sure after 1 day, only way to differentiate them is mathematically, but still…)

While it’s cool you’re willing to con your friends into being your render slaves, it really does run well under wine. I know nothing about darwine, but AMD and Intel kiddos should have no trouble whatsoever, and the speed is literally within a few tenths of a percentage point.

As for a tutorial, if you can understand Renderman RIBs, and Yafray xmls, you’ll have little difficulty figuring out Indigo.

Look at me, Captain Anti-Windows selling the world’s slowest Windows renderer… cuz da shiznit it spits out is gorgeous, yo!

Well, shouldn’t it work right out of the box with the ior_test.xml file defined in the inifile.txt? I cant see the localinifile.txt file mentioned anywhere, and i didnt move it or anything, but still it just says “fatal error - could not open file ‘localinifile.txt’”. Maybe this is just caused by my ignorance:confused:

No i really have started to understand this renderer. And i really really really really like it :smiley:

I have done one rather cool desktop wallpaper check it out in the finised section. and my avatar is also made in indigo.

I will defineatly be a dedicated Indigo user.