New Innovative Project Seeks Talent

Seeking animator for a new project. The right person will be given a percentage of the company - percentage to be determined by the ultimate number of contributors. The shares will be basically divided between the founder/script writer, the creative/animation/sound team, and the marketing team. This is an innovative new project which will be marketed to the teen audience via sites such as Reddit, Kik, Facebook, iTunes and more. The project itself is educational and entertaining at the same time, in essence providing education on a topic that is never normally taught, and not marketed as educational. In short, teenage boys (the target market for the first product) will buy it for non-educational reasons but will get educated without realizing it. Must be comfortable with sexual content and able to accurately render the human physique inside and out. You may apply as a team or individually. Please send links to samples of your work and clearly state your abilities and what portion of the project you have the skills to complete.

Two characters are needed, teenish girl and boy. Backgrounds are simple. Characters need to be developed and animated and voiced. There are no specific requirements for the looks of the characters beyond general guidelines. Script is completed. Need to know if you wish to create storyboard or have one provided. The characters should have the look of the realistic human generated characters familiar to teenage boys from video games such as Call of Duty (but this is not military related and not interactive in any way). The final product will be a short (5-10 minute) video.

More detalis will be provided before you accept the compensation arrangement, after the right candidate has been selected and signed a non disclosure agreement.

Send private message with links to work samples, as well as any questions you might have.

Uhh… lol?

Thee dodgiest post i have read on this forum. period.

Sorry, not meaning to be dodgy in any way. To clarify, the project is in the nature of sex education. As such, it has explicit sexual content, but is not pornographic or of a prurient nature in any way. I was trying to explain the market, since the project is subject to a nondisclosure agreement I wanted to give as much detail as I could but perhaps it came across wrong. The project is interesting and innovative, and designed to take important messages to teens through their preferred medium. Teens are getting the vast majority of their information today through internet and social media, and this project aims to reach them through that medium. It is anticipated to be a lucrative project, so if anyone is interested in participating for a piece of the profits please apply!