New Inset Polygon Addon


(PyroGXPilot) #61

Is there a way you can change it so it does a negative inset(gets larger). So i guess its outset!

(Mary Hines) #62

hi Howard : …would it be possible for u to post a d/l with just ‘’ as the title ? unzipper is having a prob with it as is or renamed…thanks ! :slight_smile:

(howardt) #63

You don’t have to download this any more - it is distributed with Blender. You just have to go to User Preferences and enable it.

(But it wouldn’t have been possible to post a .zip, because this forum doesn’t allow that - that’s why I had to post the one that you had to rename.)

(Mary Hines) #64

k…thanks ! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(howardt) #65

Just a note: I’ve updated this addon to work with bmesh, for those fetching from the latest svn. So it will work (kind of - still some problems to work out) with very recent builds, but the checked-in version will no longer work with the released 2.62 version, so don’t fetch the latest version if you want it to work with 2.62.

(Vilem Duha) #66

Hello, howardt, are you still working on this? I am curious if it would be possible to use the polygon skeleton outside of the script, for purpose of a CAM script i try to develop. I tried to look into your code, but wasn’t successfull in finding some kind of structure for the skeleton…I would just need the inset polygon outline, no need to know the collision points e.t.c. it would be also great to be able to outset, but that isn’t hard - just inverting the polygon direction would be probably work

Also, with current version of blender, it leaves some of the original edges undeleted - that I found - deleting original faces doesn’t delete edges…

It’s quite sad this isn’t enabled in startup file, it’s otherwise working very well!

(vvoovv) #67

Unfortunately the addon fails for a polygon shown on the image below:

I noticed the addon doesn’t treat a “vertex event” as it is defined in the article “Raising Roofs, Crashing Cycles, and Playing Pool”, i.e. two or more reflex vertices (and nothing else) reach the same point simultaneously.

Any idea how to fix it?

(Richard Marklew) #68

How does it fail. The inset tool insets it correctly for me when I make such a shape
Are you using an addon or using the built in inset tool (shortcut I) ?

(vvoovv) #69

I am using the addon since I need its merge a.k.a straight skeleton functionality.

The exact error is
… line 162 in do_inset
bfacenew =
ValueError:…): found the same (BMVert) used multiple times

Here is a snapshot at the moment of the error:

(Zylann) #70

Sorry to necro, but this looks like the thread for the plugin.

Thank you for putting this one together, it’s exactly what I was searching for :slight_smile:
I’m a casual Blender user, today trying to extrude a logo with a bevel effect. The Inset Face and Bevel modifier don’t fit because I needed that Polygon Skeleton handling, so the extrusion doesn’t passes through itself like non-sense^^

Unfortunately I can’t get it to work in my case. I have a complex shape to extrude (convex with way more than 100 points) and Blender just freezes for 10 seconds. The result is almost the same as if I had just triangulated the polygon, with only a very small inset visible, no matter which value I enter. Higher length tends to produce errors.

The only way I could get it to work “ok” on my shape was to simplify it, but it doesn’t look good at this degree.

This is the polygon I have, dragon shape converted from SVG:

And this is the best I can get with the plugin:

With the high-quality one I can barely go better than this. Amount of 5 or 30 looks the same, above I get errors:

Above an amount of 50 I get this error:

File “C:…\”, line 109, in execute
File “C:…\”, line 118, in action
self.scale == “PERCENT”)
File “C:…\”, line 169, in do_inset
bfacenew =
ValueError: face already exists

location: <unknown location>:-1

Looks like the same error described by vvoovv?

(howardt) #71


Sorry for the errors. I need sample files in order to debug. I’m sorry I’m very busy right now at my day job, so can’t promise fast service, but I do want to fix this. Maybe I can figure out form vvoovv’s report visually how to reproduce the problem.

(Breadstyx) #72

This add-on seems to be working perfectly otherwise. But I brought an SVG file into blender, converted the curve into a mesh, and then tried to use the inset polygon tool and it isn’t working. I can change all the inset polygon settings (Amount, Height) but nothing shows up on the 3D viewer. is there something I’m doing wrong?

In the image above, the right polygon is the one i’m having trouble with and the left one is a polygon I used the knife tool to cut out of a plane; they are nearly identical but the left poly had no trouble with applying the add-on.

(howardt) #73

Without seeing the Blender file containing the mesh you want to inset, I can’t tell what is wrong. But I suspect something is fishy about the mesh - perhaps there are doubled vertices and/or zero-length edges?

(howardt) #74

I am curious if people are still using this addon? It is currently in the standard addons, but I’m wondering if it should be removed when 2.8 is released.

Tesselator Quad-Remesher
(Metin Seven) #75

If this is what Inset Polygon can do with an arbitrary shape converted to a single-sided mesh, then I vote for a 2.8 update. :+1:

(howardt) #76

OK, I’ll update it. I already updated my svg / ai / pdf importer, which uses the same inset algorithm to add optional bevels. It wasn’t hard to do.

(Metin Seven) #77

Cool, thanks! I also like your AI / PDF / SVG add-on. Will it leave it’s current experimental add-on status in Blender soon?

(howardt) #78

About status of the AI/PDF/SVG plugin status. I don’t know. I can discuss with other developers. It has the same problem as the inset one in that it is somewhat overlapping existing official functionality, and I imagine in both cases the preferred outcome would be just to merge the good aspects of my addons into the other functions. What is it about the AI/PDF/SVG addon that you like: that it does PDF and AI in addition to SVG, or that it has the smart inset algorithm used for bevels, or that it uses a better triangulation method, or some combination of those?

(Metin Seven) #79

I predominantly like the option of importing PDF and AI next to SVG, but I do have to admit that when importing more complex AI and PDF files containing many different shapes, only a fraction of the shapes from the file are actually imported into Blender. That would need some love before being merged into the master builds.

(howardt) #80

OK, I committed a change to the addons repository that makes my alternative inset into an interactive tool and works in 2.8. I renamed it “Inset Straight Skeleton” to emphasize the algorithm that is used (see straight skeleton). It’s best characteristic is that it deals with collisions in geometry, and in most cases if the final collision is on lines or at points, those lines and points are properly merged.

As a reminder, it also works on regions that have holes in them, where a “region” is a contiguous set of selected faces.

This tool works best if you edit your preferences to add a key combo to the Global Mesh keymap, say Alt-i, mapped to mesh.insetstraightskeleton.

Metin_Seven: if you want me to look at AI / PDF import problems with that other script, you could make a bug report and upload a file. Usually when people complain that a complicated file is not all imported it is because the other parts were images; or vector art that doesn’t contain closed polygons.