New international animation studio


I just re-post here because I want get a good add :slight_smile:

I want to start a new animation studio with artist from all over the world who make one good team. I need some good artists who are willing in the beginning to invest some freetime to work on projects…

What I need is: Programmers, Artists, story board, concept design and Music, anyone with any knowledge at all involving the making of games and multi-media, even those of you just starting out are welcome.especially people who are good in character design and scene design and off course animation skills

I will look to use dropbox for sharing information and also add to goolge+ and other stuff…

People who are interested can mail me at:

[email protected]


[email protected]

E-mail me on both accounts.Please describe your skills in the e-mail…

The main thing is 3d marketing and movies and people who have knowledge of game design also very welcome.

The first thing is on free and on voluntary base…If the studio get good projects and customers I will be assign and pay you for your work.

It is very important that I find people who are reliable and can get the project to a good end


P.S. also a good name for the studio would be great…I like dreamworks but it does already exists :frowning: