new IRC channel #blender


I find a increasing number of distasteful conversations going on in #blenderchat ( is this IRC channel not for talk about modeling/animating ?) seeming to undermine a resourceful community supposedly with goals of helping others use a quality product,- but having to deal with talk of sharing girlfriend naked pictures/pron and allowing spam/sex BOTS to exist and cause mahem.

I therefore am starting my own channel at:

feel free to stop over ONLY if you are serious about NOT talking about pron(porn) or blood and crossbows and guns and idiotic stuff like that…your right to discuss those things ( apparantly) starts in #blenderchat but ends in #blender as this channel will only allow decent 3D chat for those serious about same…

I mean no offense to anyone as its a free country and you may discuss anything you wish , I just find it disgusting and am electing to do something about it as I do not wish to partake of such a vile community of uses.


heh, yea #blenderchat has been out of hand latly.
Maybe ill stop by some time for some 3d learning an insperation
:smiley: :smiley:


Is this channel still live? Couldn’t find it on FreeNode.



yes its here… #blender

i’m in and out depending how busy a day I’ve had…and its not going to attract millions of people immediately but Im sure it will get a following of serious 3d users…

thx and come by anytime!

well in #blenderchat…sure there is chat about everything and nothing…but when someone need some tips for 3d they is always someone or more to help him out…so I think blenderchat is still the place for modelling :wink:

yup and just as certain you are likely to wind up dealing with kiddie stuff, pron talk, BOT’s and ops that aren’t willing to deal with any of the above…I know from personal experience…

and Ive seen it consistenly in there so thanks but no thanks…im sure it will continue to be used by those types but #blender will also be a quality channel where you wont be hastled with those kinds of users…we’ll still have fun! but clean fun…

peace to all and ttyl!

my best wishes to keep those kind of users out :slight_smile:


idiotic stuff like crossbows?

another reason not to work with you.

You’d only find me disgusting or idiotic [>]

It will be easy for me not to pollute your neatly clean sober channel

i think it’s a good idea and i’m sure it’ll work out…


hmm, I was planning on not reacting to this thread, but as a visitor AND an operator of #blenderchat I feel you’ve left me no choice.

  • We do NOT openly talk about porno, we talk about nice women. big difference. Blenderchat is meant to be a channel where both blender-related conversation is allowed, as well as conversation about everyday life.
  • Last week there was 1 incident where there the conversation got a little out of hand and there was no operator around. boohoo dude, we have lives. (note: I probably should have rephrased this sentence, but I didn’t)
  • As Stefano stated above, good luck on keeping your channel strictly blender related.


ps. please note that this reply was written by a blender user, not as an Elysiun administrator.

hm, one of ‘those types’

Thanks for the compliment :smiley:

‘clean fun’. I guess´’those types’ of users do not even have to go to the toilet. Only dirty people like me do such things.

I’m not sure what to say about this. I don’t frequent #blenderchat like I used to, and part of that is due to the more derogatory conversations that tend to take place nowadays. On the other hand, that is the nature of the internet, like it or not.

I do know, however, that if I have a question that cannot wait for a response here on the forums, I can ask in #blenderchat and help will be provided, if possible.

On the rare occassion of someone being excessively rude to me, I’ve the choice to stay and hold my ground, stay and ignore the rudeness, or roll my eyes and come back another time.

In conclusion, I can say that I understand the frustration of neighborlee, and having another channel to go to might not be a bad thing. But again, it is the nature of the internet, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see the same degredation in the new channel, no matter how noble the original intent.


hm, totally off-topic but…

WayStar! you are still alive! hugs miss waystar


Don’t forget that there is also the ever popular
#blenderqa on freenode – where if you talk about
anything other that blender/3d graphics for too
long you get booted (well, you get warned, then


P.S. I have operator status in #blenderchat, so
if something bothers you let me know.

a totally off-topic reply to a totally off-topic post… :smiley:

Hey, Goofster! Right back atcha!

/me hugs Goofster.


i’ve only seen it get out of hand 5-7 times in the last 8 monthes, and i’m there almost everyday for about two hours, sometimes more.

i do have a hard time understanding how people can talk about things like that.

i remember a conversation about postal 2, and how cool it was that you could pee on the dead victim.

i find that out of place in the least in a 3d app’s chat channel.

of course the many sexually explicit conversations are sickening to, they would be classified as “out-of-hand” however there are too many to count. :x

i find your initiative good, but i think it won’t last, i for one will log on as i do daily.

oh and the over use of expletives.

well, at least the boring ones

‘f’, followed by a ‘u’ which is accompanied by a ‘c’ and drags a ‘k’ along (I do not want to be distasteful), is like chewing gum in use for 5 years.
Taste-less in the true meaning of the word.

same goes for the handy ‘wtf’

but I would put ‘lol’ in there as well


big YAY for #blenderchat

hi and thx for supporting #blender…to say its sickeing to find peeing on a corpse is fun is not only true but a huge understatement in the overall scheme of things…is there a point to such an act? and if there is I guarantee you its not the act of a ‘sane’ mind…

I choose to hang out amoung people that bring out the best of a program like blender and I guarantee you its not the crud that hangs out in #blenderchat ,put it this way…if pron and BOT’s and idiotic statements like that are allowed or not even criticized how can any respect ever be given to any channel…and if it is…its no channel I’m interested in because you see…I know right from wrong albeit its clear many dont…or are too spoiled to care.


that’s why I will support #blenderchat with all it’s qualities and faults and not #blender.

because you CLAIM to ‘know’ right from wrong.

because you think your system of values is universally valid. And that’s what it is about, isn’t it?

By the way: I have missed this corpse thing and you can be sure, this guy would have heard some not so nice words from my side.

hm, actually, as long as it’s not about human corpses, most of us have no problems of finding corpses tasty, right?