New Japanese Optical Technology

Digital plastic films for cammoflage, ‘X-Ray’, medscan and on this page:

media-relayed spinoffs (wysiwyf / what you see is what you feel).


I seemed to gather that they were simply using a projecter, and the way this film or paper was special is that it would make the otherwise not visible light of the projector visible

so, the invisible coat that was made simply had an image projected onto it…

but I guess I have to read more on that

as for tuch sensitive stuff… I dunno, nor do I think I care [no offense, I only wanted to comment about the first link]

I’ll catch the guy who sold me my invisibility cloak, just as soon as I can get this projector off my head…

it works with a special technology that makes the coat take 3D pictures of what surrounds it, while it’s also a 3D monitor of the images. The theory is explained on some sites, and it does work.

I wonder what it’s going to be used for…

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The only thing I found really intriguing was the skeletal and body-tissue stuff. They are light on details though so it’s interesting to think what developments and possibilities lie ahead.


Ok this is quite cool, intriguing. :stuck_out_tongue:

wow. the x-ray sheet thing is amazing(of course, ill have to really see it to belive it :wink: ).

say it last years. On, they were interested in this technology for militairy use… he.

Well it does not work very well since it only can work from one viewpoint at atime, and we have normally two… (eyes)

Sounds really awesome, very hadny for hospitals, it saves hunderds of dollars or euro’s when using that kind of paper. A while ago I saw a documentary on tv for suites that could make people invisible. A camera wouldn’t see the human wearing that suite, and a human should see him very hardly, because the suite is covered with billions of glasfiber wires that projects things from the bachside of the suite onto the front and reversed. The only things you will see is moving a little blurred or fractal object moving around. :o Hard too see for camera’s but little easier for humans. But on a rush or a passed walk you won’t see the guys using that suite. :smiley:

I also saw a cool Item last time on the internet, Geckko Tape. You can walk up walls like spiderman using that tape on your hands or shoes. It doesn’t work on glass I thought, but I can be wrong. It looked very cool, I even wanted to buy it. :stuck_out_tongue:

that’s where the special technology came in… that’s why I was talking about it being a 3D camera and monitor.

oh, and do you happen to have a link of that gecko tape?

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Has any one seen there new camoflauge cloaks. It uses lil cameras on each side with lil tiny screens which show (live) what is being shot from the adjacent camera.

In other words its an invisibilty cloak. Very kewl but i lost the link to the site and the picture.


i wonder what would happen if u used the Xray thing on me…?

i mean, im skeletor, u can already see all my bones…