New Jersey / New York Blenders out there?

Any NJ or NY Blenders out there willing to form a user group that could meet and go over some Blender topics and have some fun also?
Maybe we could put together a short movie made with Blender. I could offer DVD authoring services for that. drop me a PM if interested.

I live in nj, but im in college away these days. I’m back around oct 12-14th


I am satish.

Good to hear the proposal. I live in Hoboken (I goto Stevens).

lets catch up sometime.

hey, i’m a little further away in western NY Buffalo area…but hey…i love going on road trips!! But, anyway. I’d be very interested in forming a gourp. I have high speed internet access if this helps too. Soon i’ll be getting a web cam and i could even join in over the internet when i can’t make the trip. Let me know!!

Dave 8)