New Job

so I’ve been working at charlex the last couple of weeks ( and it’s been pretty fun, but grueling. 10-12 hour days. I’ve never worked so much in my life! of course I just graduated from college last year, but is that normal? I mean the place is really intense. their 3D short film “One Rat Short” (non-commercial) is up for an academy award!

unfortunately I work in the tape room :frowning:

but it pays well :slight_smile:

maybe I’ll move up! :smiley:

and switch them over to blender instead of maya :eek::eek::eek::eek: (yeah right… they have over 30 maya artists. no way that system is changing)

PS. it’s evil and taunting to work in the same room as a 500 CPU render farm and 14 $200,000 SGI Tezros running Smoke and Flame… and I can’t even check my email :mad:

Whoa whoa whoa. When you posted a thread saying that you got a Blender job you said that you were working with several 3D designers and had the option to build a powerful computer for free, but you’re really in the tape room? (By the way, what’s the tape room?):o