New kettle design(patent), Eevee industrial design trial

today i downloaded blender 2.8 and open it.
it’s already 1 year that i did’t touch blender because of busy private issue.

i saw a render named Eevee, BlenderCN guys told this is awesome staff so i try to play with it.
i am working for a Industrial Design Company so i tried to design a new kettle(this is really new idea because i didn’t copy anyone else’s idea), the kettle has a special handle and the handle could hold the lid so that the lid will not drop.
you don’t need to find your lid or stain your lid if you have this kettle:D
Anybody want to buy my idea and produce this kettle? please contact me:p:p:p:p

you can download the source file with all texture here ( i got the texture and HDRI on internet)

Baidu drive:

Google drive: