New keyframes ''jump back''

(Rickvdvulkaan) #1


I’m having a little trouble animating a camera/object in a very basic scene.

When i add a keyframe for the camera location, set the timeline few seconds ahead, and move the camera to the new location, it keeps jumping back to the last location. When i first create a new keyframe and then move the camera it still happens, i guess i tried almost every possible order. it’s like its locked or something. it is not just happening with the location, but also the offset when i want to constrain it to a path, or an empty, or anything else. but in the timeline it doesn’t show that its locked.

when i create a new camera/object and start over it still happens.

when i create a new project, and start over from there, it looks like it works ‘‘properly’’ again. so i guess there is something going on in the specific project. i just cannot figure out what it is.

here’s the project:

the weird thing is that sometimes it is working correctly.

im really struggling here, what am i missing?