New keyframes ''jump back''


I’m having a little trouble animating a camera/object in a very basic scene.

When i add a keyframe for the camera location, set the timeline few seconds ahead, and move the camera to the new location, it keeps jumping back to the last location. When i first create a new keyframe and then move the camera it still happens, i guess i tried almost every possible order. it’s like its locked or something. it is not just happening with the location, but also the offset when i want to constrain it to a path, or an empty, or anything else. but in the timeline it doesn’t show that its locked.

when i create a new camera/object and start over it still happens.

when i create a new project, and start over from there, it looks like it works ‘‘properly’’ again. so i guess there is something going on in the specific project. i just cannot figure out what it is.

here’s the project:

the weird thing is that sometimes it is working correctly.

im really struggling here, what am i missing?

I’m just starting to use keyframing, so I’m not an expert, but I have seen the same thing. If I’m reading your workflow correctly, you have keyframed the last position successfully. Then you move the object to the next location. Then you move the frame location on the timeline. At this point, the camera jumps back to where it was before instead of staying there waiting for you to keyframe it.
I know you said you’d tried all possible orders, but what I think is happening is that when you move the timeline frame forward, Blender thinks you want to see where everything is at this later time, and your last keyframe is where the object was last. It simply puts it back there.
The order I had to use to get all this to work without “jumping back” is: Set new timeline frame; Move object; Keyframe.
When it does work “correctly”, is there by some chance already another keyframe beyond that new frame?
Remember, I’m a real noob here. Hope this helps.
(I was unable to get your demo to work at all. Something got lost in the Drive download or something.)