New Kid on the Subsurfed Block

'Lo. I’ve been experimenting with blender for a couple months now, balancing it between schoolwork and whatnot. And I thought I’d share some stuff that I’ve come up with up to this point. My blending “experience” began in…I want to say July.


My Head

Cartoon Character

I really want to become a visual effects/motion graphics artist, and up to this point I’ve had to teach myself with Google as my professor. Any feedback is much appreciated, but I’d also like to toss in a few questions:

How would one approach adding realistic freckles to a character’s face?

How does one create realistic looking skin beyond the material? IE abrasions /wrinkles without getting into insane amounts of vertices.

How do you create a gaussion-blur like glow with the blender renderer (for the engines of an X-Wing)?

Thanks in advance for your feedback, it’s so great to find a community as creative and helpful as blenderartists!