new laptop and operating system

i need a new laptop and have been browsing several companys selections… i need some help choosing.but first one question. whats a good processing speed. mine right now is 1.4ghz and 512mb of ram, sometimes i have problems with speed. i was thinking of getting 2gb pf ram this time but i dont know what is good as far a ghz go. i REALLY dont want to use vista, i was thinking of ubuntu of such but im woried about drivers and stuff. any sugesstings would be nice, I dont really want a dell though…

-not dell
-able to edit video at somewhere between pinicle studio and adobe after affects.(if you know of a good open source or free software for this let me know)
-able to edit pictures( im currently pleased with gimp but at some point i might try a more powerful program
-able to import video from digtal camcorders and one of those dazzle usb to a/v thingamabobs
(the last twa are mainly for the operating system ideas, not the computer.

any help would be nice!!!
live long and prosper
-graphic tablblet suppoet

well, you didnt mention price. If price isnt an issue, you could get a mac book pro, which starts at 2000 dollars.

15" screen
2.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
1440 x 900 resolution
2GB memory
120GB hard drive1
8x double-layer SuperDrive
NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT

I am planning on getting one soon, I am sick of windows. And it really itsnt all that much more in the scheme of things. My old laptop had a 70 gb HD, with 512 mbs of ram, for 700 $. No built in camera, no working bluetooth, not a superdrive disc, and intel pentium 4. So in keeping that in mind, a MBP isnt all that much more. I am waiting to get a job(in high school now), so I can buy one. And they do have everything that you requested in a laptop.

so long as you avoid ati cards you shouldn’t have any isues with ubuntu.

I got a 256 megs amd 2.2 10 gig hd - maybe I’ll upgrade at some stage . … .

Ubuntu Studio is a version of the Linux operating system which is optimized for audio and video creation. Here’s the link:

Yes, go for Ubuntu Studio.

But, as far as the processor goes, the ghz don’t really matter. The chip itself and its architecture matters. For something cheap that also works really well, go for AMD. I recommend an Athlon 64 X2, but get what you can afford. If you can get an Athlon FX, GET IT!!! Those are nice!