new laptop. What cpu?

Hi, As im doing more and more work in blender3d, im on my way buying a new laptop, as my current one is a little slow (Celeron m 1.4ghz ). And i have a hard time finding a new one, or deciding at least, so now i have a few questions it would be great if someone could answer :o .

Amd or Intel, what cpu is best for work in blender? A Amd Turion 64 X2 or an Intel Core 2 duo? Or wich performs best per buck?

Has the Graphicscard any impact on how blender runs?

I’ll probably come back with more questions later :wink:

Thanks in advance.

AMD. And, as far as 3D work goes, the graphics card is everything. Get something nVidia

By the way, if you can get an AMD Athlon 64 FX, those are better than the X2.

A64 FX are not available on the laptop lines as far as I know.
Tynach must be a little drunk, :smiley: it’s accepted fact that Core 2 Duo is faster than AMD X2 in every single program, and uses less power.

Another vote for Core 2 Duo.

yeah, core 2 duo, and nvidia card. don’t get ATI card or integrated graphics etc. get nvidia. ATI frequetly has little problems with blender. may be resolved for now, but I’m just telling you history is against ati and FOR nvidia. video ram wont make much difference, get the fastest core2 duo you can, THAT’S whats gonna render fast

Thanks for that, ill try to find a laptop with a c2d i like then :smiley:

Make sure not to skimp on the RAM either.

Yeah, hopefully i will find a laptop with about 1 gig of ram and then be able to upgrade it myself to 4 gigs