New laptop

I’m about to buy a new laptop from a custom vendor and have narrowed it down to 2 choices.

I know it’s an unfavourable time to upgrade, but It’s sort of an interim option as I’ll be getting a new 30xx desktop workstation next year.


i7 10875H 8 core with a 2070 super

3900x 12 core with a 2070(super not an option with this build)

Everything else is the same, so it boils down to the extra 15-20% perf from the 2070 super Vs the 100% gains from multi core on the 3900x(but at 2x the power consumption)

The programs I use:
Zbrush(pure CPU)
Adobe Medium(mostly CPU)
Octane(pure GPU)
Substance Painter

I also still render in Arnold and Cycles/EEVEE.

The tools I use are a mix of CPU/GPU driven so it’s not really clearcut, as to benefits.

The 3900x machine is a bit more expensive, but that’s not a factor.

Any advice would be appreciated as I need to buy this machine asap. Cheers.

Bumping this thread up for you. :wink: I’m not very knowledgeable when it comes to hardware details, so I’ll refrain from trying to give you advice. Good luck.

I’m also exploring Octane lately. I quite like it. Powerful renderer with lots of advanced functionality. It’s a bit of a hassle having to install two Blender versions: one for the latest tools and one for the renderer, but it’s worth it.

I’m also still using Eevee next to Octane, especially for animation.

Well… this is really hard decision. I follow IT news, but problem is that most tech reviews are game oriented, they make couple generic test in Blender, Cinebah… and this is all for “professional” users.
Thing are not clear to me, Intel with lower core count in some cases perform better than AMD… on the other hand AMD with his advanced API ( or whatever :crazy_face: ), have advantage in some software, no matter of core count… But again most comparison are generic tests and games, games, games. Although probably AMD are better choice, if I remember correctly Arnold love more cores, no matter of clock speed, same is for couple other software.
Difference in GPU performance are not so big ( about 20 - 16% at best ). But if you plan to make bunch of Octane render this is maybe enough. Decisions, decisions , like say one guy in one of my favorite games :no_mouth:

I personally would choose the one that speaks to me the most tbh. With laptops a lot of other factors are important if you are going to work on it (build quality, screen, form factor, illuminated keys (in my case) and so on.
Today you can’t buy a bad system anymore, we are blessed with amazing power nomater what.
Personally i woul go for the system that sports the best gpu (i see a lot of gpu needs in your list) the cpu part will be covered anyway.

Last but not least you need to check how you will use it, will you depend on the battery a lot (like working out of your house now and then) if so then you need to have a look at battery life. I once invested in a heavy asus rog system and it was so powerfull it ate the battery in about an hour leaving me dead in the water a lot of times.

I would vote ‘compromise’ with a tendency to your real needs.
If that makes any sense :slight_smile:


Hey Metin, been a while. :wink: It is a bit of a pain, but I have never installed Blender, I just use the portables. Thankfully, 2.91 was recently released for Octane.

I use Arnold GPU rendering these days.

I agree, the benchmark tests are not always useful for 3D performance. We have so much more to balance than the needs of a gamer.

Yes, it’s about that between the 2070 and the 2070 Super.

None of this matters really, as it will always be connected to a monitor and external mouse/keyboard. I am not a fan of laptops AT ALL, but I need to work on one at the moment for habitation reasons(I’m from Ireland, live in Australia, and will be moving to Spain next year) as I need to be able to bring it on a plan with me next year.

It will always be plugged in so this isn’t an issue at all.

Vague… :laughing: I’m slightly inclined towards the i7 10875h and the 2070 Super though. Aside from Zbrush and Medium, everything else will benefit more from a better GPU, and as you say, the i7 8-core will be more than enough fro Zbrush and Medium. I’s be happy to be contradicted though… :slight_smile:

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Another bump up the thread list. :wink:

Yeah, I miss your sharp and witty replies over here. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, I’m also glad with the recent Blender Octane release. I’m also using the Blender portables, but it’s just a minor hassle having to configure and maintain two separate Blenders (installing add-ons twice, etc.), while the Octane Blender misses some of the latest goodies.

But hey, Octane is a great renderer that’s accessible for free, so I won’t complain. I saw the new Keyshot 10 features, and I’m quite underwhelmed. “In the latest version of our overpriced renderer you can now animate camera twist and rotate the environment map!” Seriously?! :joy:

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Is that how you see it? :laughing:

I always just copy the config folder and rename it. I’m usually only using the Octane version purely for rendering, so I don’t worry about the bells and whistles.

Yes, Keyshot isn’t nearly as useful as it once was. There are so many rendering options these days and the whole GPU trend has left Keyshot behind somewhat. It can be very useful though with certain Zbrush projects, but not enough to justify the competition. Incidentally(to derail my own thread entirely), Maverick renderer is one I’ve spotted recently that looks quite impressive. Also looking forward to trying the new Renderman implementation in Blender.

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Ironically, when I just mentioned the configuration hassle, a :bulb: suddenly appeared on top of my scatterbrain, telling me I could just copy the config folder. :grin:

Indeed. I’m also keeping an eye on that.

Same here. I believe it would be released in January. :+1:

I won’t derail your topic any further. Who of you tech-savvy Blenderheads can help Dan out with the laptop choice?

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Too late!! I’ve just bought the one with the 2070 Super… :rofl: I also bought an Occulus Quest 2 so sculpting in VR in Medium is my next big experiment. Have you tried it yet?

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Oculus Quest. Cool. I’d like to read your opinion about that when you’ve explored it.

A friend of mine brought his first-gen Oculus to me a number of years ago, and a roller-coaster demo made me dizzy and sick for at least an hour. :grin:

When it comes to VR sculpting I’m a bit afraid of encountering the same drawbacks of a Cintiq: ergonomic issues with tired arms and such. :slightly_smiling_face: But hopefully you’ll be able to refute that, as I’m definitely intrigued by VR.

So you make decision. I come back to put this link

I just stumble on this guy / video. Fantastic artist, take look on his Behance. He use faststorm, but he is very “similar” to Octane… and other GPU renderer.
Maverick on surface look like Keyshoot, but who know, like you say there is ( too ) many renderers around. btw. Keyshoot support GPU render and denoising, so far I know. New version are even better. Also I do not think that Maverick can compete with Keyshot features, at least not yet.
Keyshoot shader system is very powerful, you can proceduraly, without UV achieve decent results, they develop Keyshot for years. Take look on this, node look complicated, but when you dissect this in parts, all is logical.
You simply can not have them all :smile: even if money is not issue, there is learning curve. Every renderer have his own set of nastiness, and you must invest lot of time to truly master one.

Haha, always go for the better gpu yes !
I am developing in oculus quest. Let me know how the 2 is as i’m getting it quite soon. Cheers