New level for Social's Freezline Game

Have you ever had an annoying/rude response to a post on blenderartists? Ever wish you could demolish the perpetrator Breakout style? Well, if that perp happens to be me, now you can. Here’s a level for Social’s Freezline game that I made with his developer. See the screenshot below.


Windows Runtime (1.2MB zipped) SDL.dll and Python24.dll not included. Just put the game in your Freezeline directory, which already should have the dll’s.

.blend file (340kb uncompressed, 87kb zipped) for you brave souls who fight against “The Evil Empire,” and for you inadvertant Microsoft supporters who own Macs.

edit: I changed the border color to be less annoying as suggested by Social.

Wow, and just when I thought that everyone forgot about this, you come ahead and resurrect it.

Thank’s alot,

I love the setup, it looks just like your avatar which is awsome. The only thing I had trouble with was the green background because it made the paddle harder to see (green and blue are close colors), but other than that I absolutely loved it.

I have updated my initial Freezline thread to credit you.

Yeah. I used the green background because you couldn’t see the hair with a black background. It was three in the morning and I wanted to go to bed, so I wasn’t paying attention to the color of the paddle. Now that I look at it, it does kinda clash. I think I’ll change it later tonight and update.

edit: I’m having trouble getting the blue color to change… I’ll have to talk to Social about that…

re-edit: Ah… I see. A color IPO. Clever.

dang its a hard game :smiley: nice level :smiley:

I’ve changed the border color as Social suggested. Just a darker blue now. Downloads are in the top post.

Excellent; It’s much better now.

Ha, ha. It’s amazing how much more interesting the game is when I am playing a level designed by someone else. I find all my levels boring compared to this one.


How hard was it to figure out, and use the developer?

As im sure you noticed; I tried to comment some code and set things up so they could be easier to find and modify, but I always thought I rushed the whole thing, and that it was a bit too sloppy.