new level for yo frankie .

i wanted to create a small level of yo frankie myself.i have created alll the things and added a ground property to ground but is there a way of getting frankie into the level without just using append or link and adding each part separately?:confused:

srry i have low bandwith so i cant watch that vedio tut on level creation.:spin:

Well, you can right click (after clicking the append or link button) and shift right click the items you want to load. Then you can load multiple things at once. I know how painful it is to load each individually :slight_smile:

Or you could just link the frankie group which includes all of these parts in one package which is what they did for the actual game.

(and remember once you link in a group it wonโ€™t show up in the 3D view. you have to go Spacebar>Add>Group>[select group])

Yeah, exact instructions - Go to append or Link. Select the whole Frankie selection, click โ€œlinkโ€ on the bottom, and click ok. Then spacebar>add>group. There you go !