"new" lightbulb

While watching Live Earth this morning, I decided to modeled the energy saving lightbulb.
Here it is standing next to an old one modeled some time ago.


What gave you the bright idea for that?..I’ll get my coat…

Looks good - would make a great tutorial for the screw function :slight_smile:

Here’s the new lightbulb textured.


lookin good, and yes a tutorial would look great with this

I think the base looks a bit large in comparison to the tube coil but otherwise everything is excellent

@ j0llyr0ger - You are right about the base. Here’s a new image with a “new” base.

@ The_JinJ - I didn’t use the “Screw” function but the 'Spin" function and made adjustments along the way to get the right angle. I will try to use the “Screw” function and minimize the steps for a tutorial…

I will have to redo the base cause right now, you would have to screw the lightbulb counter clockwise (got the threads on the wrong angle):o



looks good :slight_smile: next model an LED light?