New Lightflow Export Script Soon?

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This is addressed to eeshlo more than anyone else, but if you know the answer, then please share as well.

eeshlo had mentioned that the new LF export script would be released shortly after blender source code was released, as he had to check some stuff in the source regarding material settings. Is this going to be coming shortly then?

I am not trying to be pushy, (though I would really like to try this render out more), just want to know a time frame.



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It was supposed to be today, but I had some other things to do, so it is going to be a day late. I actually thought nobody was interested anymore really, with all the stuff going on. Anyway, I can tell you though that the script is not small, probably around 2.5Mb.
This is because I wanted to make sure it will work for everybody, so every extension module is included three times for three python versions, python2.0, 2.1, 2.2. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to do anything, I also included an install script. Nevertheless, it will require that you installed Python correctly (2.0 or higher), meaning that PYTHONPATH should be set. Lightflow should also be installed correctly with the environment variable LIGHTFLOWPATH set. In case you still use Python1.5, you can delete that, unless you still use it for something else of course.

It should be noted that since I have done lots of coding the last month without any testing other than by myself, that it might not work without errors. Nobody but myself has tested the new pythonless method (actually it still uses python, but more in a indirect way) and the blendfile import was only sort of completed this week with some very hard work. So don’t be surprised if things will be less than perfect.
About the blendfile import, nothing is 1 to 1, some things don’t quite work in Lightflow (I have found quite a few bugs), and the output python files can be quite large since the blender material/textures are translated into a huge string of Lightflow pattern combinations.

Anyway, more tomorrow…

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Are you kidding?!?! Of course we are interested! :smiley:

Great news!

Once again eeshlo, this forum and all blender users owe you one hell of a big thanks and an even bigger beer! :wink:

Thanks again.


I forgot to ask, probably a stupid question anyway. So if I currently have Lightflow and Python installed and running perfectly fine, then there should really be no problems running this script?

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I certainly hope so, but you’ll find out soon enough. Another warning, it probably does not work in any of the ‘custom’ blender versions, at least not the one compiled by nikolatesla20, it seems to have a mix of the old and the new python API. The real Publisher does work, as far as the actual export and stuff, but unfortunately this has another bug that makes it almost unusable, the screen doesn’t redraw when asked to, it only does this once and then the display will appear to freeze untill you switch to another window and back again (or somehow cause another ‘event’). So only 2.23 is garanteed to work as it should really, although that has other problems, using escape/cancel from the file selector or switching to full screen with ctrl-up/down arrow keys, will all stop the script. But these are caused by Blender, nothing to do with the script. I can’t think of any solution anyway… (not by modifying the sourcecode anyway).

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im interested too!

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yes this is definitely a great addition to the arsenal;

have you had any success in reaching japoco and asking him if he’s still alive or not, eeshlo? :slight_smile:

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No, I haven’t bothered him ever again, I’m sure he has his reasons. And yes, he is still alive.

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I hear jacopo works for Nvidia now, something like that. I guess he has a real job now and doesn’t have time to work on some paltry rendering project.