New Lighting Contest over CG-Node

Hi Guys!
There is a new Lighting Contest over CG-Node. (Spanish CG Forum)

There is a .blend file format (max and maya as well), so…everybody is more than welcome to give it a go.
You can use whatever engine you want.No restrictions

If you don’t speak English, don’t worries, we are more than happy to see your renders!
An award is waiting for you! :wink:

Starts 1-Oct-2007 and Finishes 14-Oct-2007

See you there!


f you don’t speak English, don’t worries, we are more than happy to see your renders!
An award is waiting for you! :wink:

Its all in spanish…

Yes Vvitaliy, sorry man

Babelfish is your friend:

"Subject: “Stairs”.
Description: You will have to illuminate the provided scene, using camara provided, using the software or motor of render that you want.

Dates of beginning and conclusion: The session begins Monday 1 of October of 2007, Sunday 14 of October of 2007 finalizes, to 12 at night (Spanish Hour GMT+1).

Bases to participate:
1 it will not be allowed to add more geometry to the scene, to eliminate part of the scene or to make alterations to proportionate geometry. Yes it will be allowed to add geometry to help to illuminate, to make shades (for example a tree) etc… but NEVER it will be able to leave geometriá in the scene, must simply be as complement to the illumination and will not be able to appear in render.

2 the illumination could be made with any motor of render or technique that you want to use.

3 he is not necessary that texturices the scene. The illumination is the main subject of this challenge and the only thing that will count to enter the final voting. NOTE: It is not prohibited to texturizar.

4 joint works with other users will not be able to be presented/displayed. All the works must be presented/displayed of individual form. The winner will receive the “Award of illumination”.

5 the Award will be given by popular voting. ONLY

6 when you have finished your work, you will be able to open a thread from your account to show it. Meanwhile, if you want to show your progresses you will be able to do it in this same thread.

7 When you have finalized your work, you will have to put your name in the thread. This facilitates the identification of the works by each participant.

8 Once finished the downtime, the administration of CG-Node will open a new thread-survey in the section, thus allowing to all the users to vote by its favorite work.

9 the camera will have to be fixed and any aspect related to the camera will not be able to be modified nor to be varied (rotation, focal location or). It will not be possible to present/display works with camaras that they are not originally provided with the scene. The works will not be accepted that break this base.

10- nonsera necessary to present/display to render, preview/playblast will be sufficient. NOTE: It is not prohibited to present/display to render.

11- the size of the final image that you will hang in your thread and will be visible from the 700 forum will have to be of pixels of wide.

12- In the same thread, you will have to put a Link to a hi-res image, this one will have to be greater to 1000 pixels of wide.

13- the winning work will be hung in the servants of CG-Node unless the author proposes “hosting” alternative.

14- Participate in this challenge of illumination includes the acceptance of ALL the bases. EVERYTHING WHAT YOU NEED IS: It unloads the scene for software that you are going to use or one adapts better to export to the format which you need. Mayan Version 8,5 | Version Max 9 | Version Blender 2,45 | Version FBX

IMPORTANT: In case of having problems with the proportionate camera and of needing to create a new one, you will have to trace this perspective. This one is the only perspective that will be accepted in this challenge."

anyone got the link direct to the comp?


Nice,i don’t want to participate,but i want to show my lightning :cool: