New Lightmap Packing Script

Hi, this is my first post!

I’ve developed a new script to pack lightmap uv texture coordinates based on some code from the Smart Projection UV Unwrap script. In contrast to all of the comparable scripts which only bake to a single texture image my script creates as many texture images as needed and appropriately assignes the faces to the corresponding texture images. This allows one to have a consistent texel/blender unit resolution in the baked lightmaps that can be set by the user. It also tries to keep connected faces connected in the uv islands which the Lightmap UVPack script does not. This allows for better vertex sharing which may benefit users that want to use the meshes for games.

There are still some issues left. The script does not currently show any progress indication in Blenders progress bar. Just like the Smart Projection UV Unwrap script it does not account for uv island self overlap (which you could get when you model a spiral) which could happen and should be avoided. Testing for this condition may be a bit expensive. Even when the uv islands don’t self overlap there might be color bleeding between faces of the same island which are nearer than 2 pixels, so one would also have to test for this condition.

I would like to share the script, but since I am new to this forum I am not allowed to post links. If I do the have links in my post it seems to simply disapper, so how do I best go about it?

Since i can’t post links yet you have to figure it out from this: trenki [dot] net /

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hi Trenki, welcome here
interesting script idea.
After write a few posts you become automatic rights to put links and attachments. Meanwhile visit Finished Projects or WIP section and write there some critics. :slight_smile:

direct script link:
authors site:

i also always found the current unwrapping methods quite suboptimal for light mapping so your project sounds great to me! :slight_smile:

I’m not using that unwrapper, I’m using the lightmap
uv pack with 2.47. The lightmap is really ugly compared
to the shaded and rendered view
is there something I’m doing wrong with the lights?

I’m sorry about asking for Multi-Lightmapper after 12 years, but I need this script. Can you, please, re-upload it somewhere or just send it to my e-mail?