New Lightworks release:

There’s still a free version and they mention more INTUITIVE ! It’s a humongous download to find out though.


Exciting to see the Linux version release. Free version limited to 720p output.

They started with the acclaim to opensource the thing…
And now only 720p outpu??
Lightworks reaches jahshaka niveau nowadays…

The monthly subscription cost of the Lightworks Pro version is 50% of Adobe Premier CC so it could be considered a cost conscious alternative I suppose. It will be interesting to see what forks from the code when/if they ever open source.

It seems to me like the plan was to start it out as an opensource project to get a userbase, and then go commercial when it was feature-complete enough to be used for serious production purposes, one should be lucky that they even decided to continue a free version despite the numerous limitations they hardcoded into it. (ie. taking out most of the resolution and export options).

Remember, if the license doesn’t say MIT, GPL, Zlib, and a few others (like seen with many projects where the devs. have commercial-quality ambitions as opposed to being hobbyists), then chances are it would only be free and open source for a limited period of time. For open source fans though, the only choice now other than the Blender sequence editor is to hope that someone will either start a project with a true, open-source license or that someone will dredge Jahshaka out of the open source graveyard and start updating it.

They have always said the open source version will come after the linux and mac releases. Though given the way things have happened since it is easy to be sceptical. It is disappointing that the free version seems to be progressively more hobbled and emaciated, but £179 is still pretty cheap for a perpetual licence.