New Linux testing build avaiable

There is a new bf-blender build available at for those that haven’t noticed yet and don’t compile their own. Includes a hole bunch of stuff to try :smiley:

Build of current bf-blender for Linux glibc-2.3.2. This includes Weighted Creases, Particle Interaction, Save Runtime, Yafray using Plugin, LSCM UV Unwrapping, Color Picker, many new Python Scripts, Wipe Sequence Effect, Ramp Shader, …

here’s the link
Seems very stable so far (haven’t used the game engine). Have fun!![/quote]

cool thanks for that

The curvy lines aren’t present in the Opps window.

Are they meant to be in this build?

I didn’t make the build so I don’t know if the curvy lines were supposed to be in or not, I just noticed that the build was available.

I have the Windows test download on a machine running Win98 and a laptop with XP. No problems yet.

A few things I did notice. Renders using the new particule effects can get quite large. It will take some practice to get this just right for an effect or to be put in a movie. Mind you, i am still playing with it. The new UV LSCM is a blessing I must say, compared to the old UV. Still getting use to how the cutting seams work but I am getting the hang of it. I am practicing on Suzzane. I figure that is a good example to learn the methods on.

Will let all know how it is going.