New Logo, & Animation.

Hi all!

I made a new logo for my studio (one-person-at-duron750mhz) and this is what i get…

I think that is ok… i like the way it is, so i made some animations of it…

You can find one of those animations at:
Avi JPEG - 1.7mb
sorry, is compressed in rar…

just playing with some particles and practicing to use paths curves(i didn’t use it before)… hope you like it!!

there is another animation… is similar to the first one, but it sucks… (was the first try, shorter and looks crappy), also, is bigger :-? (without compression)

C&C are sooo welcome!!! i need feedback to improve in animation :frowning:

Nice work.

I really like it!

The animated characters at the end are cool. But rather than have one pop up then go down, then the next pop up. Have them both standing next to each other with their arm on each others shoulders smiling. :slight_smile:

The purpley shape is alright, but I didn’t really like the shape of it. It looked a bit strange. Although the materials are really nice.

It also needs sound.

BTW is this just for your username? Keep up the good work. :smiley:

Yes it looks very nice… but what does it stand for ?


you join with cingular too?

he he.

can’t view the movie right now, but it looks nice, if not so creative…

I like it. Those characters look great. The asymmetric shape of the X looked a bit odd at first but I think it’s ok.

The lighting is excellent as usual and gives that soft-focus feel. What did you use for the motion blurring? Possibly post-pro?

Anyways, your work has a very unique style that I always look forward to seeing. :wink:

Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

The movie is just for fun… nothing in particular, just playing with some tools…

redbyte: i’ll try that, characters smiling and maybe add some others characters… thanks! and… sound? oh no… i suck making sounds… anyway, what kind of sound will be good for this kind of animation?

osxrules: the movie is directly from blender, without postpro… is just the motion blur from blender.

Thanks to all, again.