New Look For the RFXS Crew

yes, we have changed our theme like twenty times (okay a little less but still alot) since we last posted a RFXS update but this one is nice and it is going to stay for a long while - we hope you all enjoy it and decide to join! The home page says it all however ifyou have any questions then just click on the little Contact button at the right of the page and we’ll get right back to you!

Little side note is that Real Effects Studios is also providing over a hundred FREE gmail accounts so if you would like one just contact us and we’ll get you an invite!

Happy Blending to all!

daniel (prince)
rfxs and blenderman admin

Well I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love the color scheme and layout. My crits are:

  1. The title header seems to be a bit pixilated…
  2. The Blender 2.36 banner…is that supposed to be behind the times :wink:

I’m just starting to nose around the actual site (ya know…clicking links and stuff). I’ll let you know if I find anything.

Very nice design though.

I didn’t see any place that allows you to register. I tried your academy and found most of the links dead/damaged. You should have some way on that page to know if a topic is currently available. I like the looks of the site and it will become a favorite of many Blender users. :slight_smile:

thank you!

the only place you have to register is on the forum and that is located on the forum page under the title “REAL EFFECTS STUDIOS”.

all the dead links in the academy are where we don’t have lessons yet - i will either remove the link tag for unavailable ones or if someone could enlighten me with how to change text color that would work too!

about the pixelated REAL EFFECTS STUDIOS - that is our little thing and every time someone comments on it - it isn’t pixelated - that is how the font is suppose to look! we like it and untill we can get our own logo we will have to keep it!

blender2.36 is the latest release! it is well with the times! are you thinking of something else?

you shouldn’t come across any errors (other than the broken links and the one two images in the Links section) as i have been testing it out on a local machine for a week now and didn’t find any errors - some places to improve but no errors! :slight_smile:

keep the thoughts and crits coming - we take everything seriously and that is why we have changed our template so many times! :wink:

thanks again! enjoy!

It looks great.

It could still use some improvements but they’re not important.

well i owe most of my knowledge to you so your crits are always welcome! i would still like to get the entire page controlled by one scrollbar but i haven’t quite got everything figured out and i still need to get a forum template to match - if anyone knows of any that are orange like or you could make one for us that would be great!



one scrollbar?

Why did you use frames then???

The site kind of hurts my eyes. I think it’s the combination of a black outside with orange and white as a “page”. Maybe it’d be better if you used something other than black.

And that pixelation is in your buttons as well… hmm… as a style… I’d do more pixelation or none… make it a clear conscious decision for everyone to see… it’s kind of in-between now.

well, i’ll see what i can do but for now the “pixelation” is going to have to stay as i have a lot to still do with the Blender Academy and it is eating at my site design time - what if i made the background grey like the rest? that might look really good actually! thanks - keep the comments coming - that’s why I posted here! :wink: