New low cost render farm

Hello everyone,

I am currently developing a low cost render farm with Grid K520 graphics cards from nvidia.
The system is still in alpha and I require some testers. Up to now 11 users have tested the farm and left a positive feedback on the workflow / service.

This service includes the ability to render stills, animations, textures (baking) across multiple slaves at once in either Blender Internal or Cycles. Usual cost is at 65 cents USD ($0.65) by slave per hour.

If you are willing to help test the service, please send me a PM and I’ll answer back as soon as possible.

Thank you and happy blending,


Render farm is on invite only, make sure to send me a PM to get a code to signup :slight_smile:

The farm is on invite only.

i’m one of those testers. i can confirm a positive experience :). it’s simple and it works. and very reasonably priced.

@genome: i’ll come gladly help you test further if i have any material.

Is the testing phase free or what :stuck_out_tongue: ?
( If its free sign me up xD )

Same here :smiley:

Free testing is fine with me :wink:

Unfortunately testing is $0.65 / machine hour.

also for those who are wondering about render times 1 Grid K520 has 2 GPUs on it each equivalent to a GTX 680 (give or take a few) so tldr the Grid K520 is a GTX 690

Good job Genome36. I appreciate you chatting your project up in IRC so we know that you have been slaving away on this project. Pun intended! ; )
Good luck and I will keep spreading the word.

Why is the Grid listed as “0” for value here:

Good. Sounds like a plan.

Maybe because the K520 is not a consumer product, so no price are available.

A K520 board costs around $2,800, so the equivalent value index as they calculate it would be 1.6. They may have tested a technology sample at a time when pricing wasn’t available, hence the 0 score. However, that value figure from that page isn’t relevant for rendering, since the CUDA performance figures are different than the passmark score.

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