New Mac Pro

What do you guys think of the new Mac Pro?

(very nice presentation by the way, probably html5)

So the natural progression should be…

Started with the Mac Cube
Now we get the Mac Cylinder
Followed by the Mac Icosphere, and finally
the Mac Suzanne!

And we thought Apple didn’t care. :wink:

The cooling system is top notch ! I don’t care about the rest ! It’s probably going to be very expensive and even less upgradable than the current MacPro !

What will the graphics card mean for Cycles though? No more Nvidia…

It looked super weird first impression, but pretty cleaver cooling solution. guess you gotta have a clutter of expansions/external hardware.

I’ve given up on Macs so long they don’t offer to opt for a nvidia gfx card. Maybe to early to say until it hits the stores but it has been ati’s in the last couple of mac pros.

Uses ATi cards so no CUDA for cycles rendering. What’s the betting given the design of the chassis that they are custom cards and non replaceable ?

I wonder what happens to the cooling if you stack something on top of it.

Lame tbh. Its a black vibrating plastic cylinder.

Their new strategy is to change the shape and watch as their fans gobble it up. Theres nothing spectacular about it. Same hardware progression, different odd shape.

iTube? Pro??
I wonder. The cooling system looks interesting though.

How many GTX590 second hand cards you would buy with the money?

With all those cores and super fast memory, I wonder what the CPU performance would be for Cycles? I don’t suppose anyone would be dumb enough to buy one for Blendering though.

I guess I will most likely buy one. I have a home office and the form-factor and low noise is pretty important to me. Too bad about the ATIs though. I hope it is possible to make the openCL kernel for cycles close to CUDA speed wise. The IO on that thing is spectacular. The PCIe flash as a basis finally puts an end to the storage bottleneck for the most important files and system.

The expandability is, well…isn’t. I haven’t upgraded my workstations much internally though in the past years, mostly storage so this is fine for me.

And who needs desktops when this could go in a wine rack!?

The only interesting news here is that Apple might poke AMD to fix their OpenCL support.

I thought that, but how come Adobe and the others can get their apps to work?

I thought that, but how come Adobe and the others can get their apps to work?

Perhaps the kernels for those programs are not as complex as Cycles? It’s not like OpenCL doesn’t work at all on AMD cards, it’s that you can’t have something as fancy as a GPU renderer. Cycles is not the only one that works in CUDA but not OpenCL, i believe VrayRT is having the same issues.

EVERY GPU renderer with more than a basic feature set it having the same issues.

Heres an idea, place used tyre over Mac, fill with drives. Pirelli Satellite Docking System. :wink:

interesting cooling system. But for the price it will be, i will be very happy with old style cooling systems. Also I think it will be even less upgraedable than before

acctualy that stuff that they go back to Radeons is quite like Apple why? you know that all programs are accelareated by Cuda cards. However Mac Pro was mainly builded for just one stuff Videos. Final cut Pro just for this program… And Adobe After Effects is accelrated by OpenCL/GL so Radeons hear are better then Nvidias.