New machine for 3d modelling/animating in Cycles?

Hey there guys,

I work as a 3d modeler/animator using Cycles (see my site here and I’m not too up to speed on hardware.

So I’ve been told this might be a good match for what I’m after…

and (highlighted in orange)

but thought I’d get second opinions…

look forward to your replies.

PS if anyone can recommend the best and cheapest place to buy all this in Australia, that would be appreciated.

Hi, this look like a real powerful system.
May you wait for the new GTX 980/70 publish at 19. September, lower price, better performance, more VRAM and less power consumption.

Cheers, mib

Let me amend that time to 31.35 with 1000 tiles.

Gpus, my friend, think networked, what-you-have-now machines with a kickbutt cuda card in it.
That’s where your real upgrade path ought to go if speed, and as you know, the beauty of Cycles is to be leveraged.

Thanks guys, yeah I might wait to see what the 980/70’s are like and I have a Titan Black on my machine at work, but it seems it looks like bang for buck is with two 780’s vs the Titan Black, since both 780’s come with 6Gb yet so does the Titan Black but one Titan Black is more expensive than two 780’s.

My present machine at home though is a 7 year old mac, so upgrading that isn’t really an option :slight_smile:

Thanks guys,

So I’m now thinking of getting this (except change the DDR3 to DDR4)

Any recommendations on a monitor and wireless mouse I should also get with my new computer? I only need the one monitor since I already have one, and I had a good wireless mouse with work years ago which came with it’s own charger which also held the mouse whilst it charged. Anything I should be checking out these days?