New Macs
iMac uses intel core Duo (2-3 times faster than existing G5)
15.4 " MacBook Pro laptop (2 intel CPU’s) 4-5 times faster than G4 powerbooks.
Can’t wait…

Stuff like this belongs in Off Topic.


Even if this were true, your looking at a software catch-up time so beware. There are tons of Quicktime plugins, 3rd party packages that will not work on OSX86.

i put it here cause it would get read fastest. It’s related to blender performance on Macs…

But it doesn’t ask a question or offer anything using to Blender. It’s news, but not directly related to Blender so it should be in Off Topic, but whatever.


You would have to compile Blender on X86 yourself. As far as anyone knows it works but who says the x86 compiler on OSX is any good right now. Who knows, I’ll bet the Dual G5 will still rein king for a while.

I’m sure the Dual-Dual core G5 will reign as King of Kings for some time yet as well.