New Magic Mouse and Blender


Just looking at the awesome new Magic Mouse that Apple just released and noticed that there doesn’t appear to be a middle mouse button on it…

This could be a bit of a pain for using Blender when trying to rotate around the 3D environment. Is it possible to customize Blender so that Right-click and drag would be rotate, and perhaps Command-click would be place 3D curser for example?

What do you all think of this new mouse? Overall I think it is a pretty amazing and revolutionary idea with the whole surface being a multitouch surface.


Could probably adapt the scroll functionality to ‘scroll’ around the 3d work space without too much trouble.

Look into the third-party add-on MagicPrefs for the Magic Mouse.
It adds all kinds of functionality, including 3-finger clicks, 3-finger swipes, pinch-to-zoom, etc. Although I have yet to test it with Blender, you should give it a go. It most likely adds middle mouse button functionality too.

You can verify this at an Apple Store. Neither Blender nor MagicPrefs require an admin password for installation, so you can install both and do a test run.

I sometimes use a magic mouse with blender (great scrolling but you can cause the swipe function when you don’t mean to, so like with all past Apple mice, more form over function). Instead of the middle mouse button you hold Alt+LMB, seems to work fine with practice but not as good as a dedicated middle mouse.
I’ve tried some of the pref panes that add extra functionality and don’t like them. I’ve found if you don’t press in the right position for a middle click strange things happen like clicking a link in safari and instead of a new tab it opens a new window. Just found them too much trouble. All I want is for Apple to just add a simple middle mouse function, none of the other rubbish these prefs want to do.


Hi Cuby,
Recently, I switched from the Windows to the Mac platform and the new computer, an iMac, came with the Magic Mouse.
While I agree that it is a great mouse for casual tasks and performs very good, I would suggest that you look a bit further and check out the Wacom offerings.
I use the Mac 99% of the time via the Wacom “Fun & Touch” and the mouse, rarely.
One thing (the only thing) that bugs me about the mouse is that it consumes a LOT of power and while I hardly use it, the keyboard still has 90+% battery power left while the mouse is down to ~20%.
Using Blender and other gfx related software is a breeze and you can scroll, zoom and tap with the Wacom pad just as you would with the Apple Magic Mouse.

Just some food for thought :slight_smile:

i know this is old but just wanted to let you know that i use a magic mouse all the time now working with blender. it’s not ideal, and doesnt always work but i like it for everything else so it makes sense to use it.

for 3-button functionality i use BetterTouchTool ( and it works really well. along with MMB you can make all sorts of presets with gestures, multi-finger clicks, etc. you could even make them specific to the application, so for example you could triple click to open up the add menu. cool stuff, hope it helps :slight_smile:

I…I…I wouldn’t know what to do with it. o.o

Hi sorry to bump an old thread but I just wanted to say I was seriously distressed when I realised I couldn’t use my slick Magic Mouse with Blender… til I found this thread! Downloaded Magic Prefs and YAY I have a “middle click” for free!!

Thanks so much guys :):slight_smile: