New Makehuman, and new way to do GUI in Blender.

The new MH interface was developed by Paolo Colombo from MHteam, and use a simple Qread event to have a perfectly integrated graphical ambient in 3dwin.

Besides, there are other important features to test!

Just incredible, superb job.

Is there already some sort of documentation/tutorial for this release. This would help a lot more people to learn and try this wonderful plugin and give you more feedback on bugs.

Again congrats to all MH developers.

Awesome!!! You people [the MHteam] have done some ground-breaking work that’s going to effect the whole future development of scripts/plug-ins for Blender. Well done.
The UI is just beautiful.

woaw… amazing !
the gui kick ass !
as you said you were looking for bugs here is what i could find :

  • clicking on buttons sometimes sets the cursor in the background.
  • when you switch to the slider mode, if you try to slide the cursor, it does a gesture, and the cursor don’t move everytime.

The new UI is really great, and the new mesh is impressive !

OOW OWOW ! A real interface ! YIKES I mean YIKES! I nevr knew that kind of interface could be done in blender. I have never seen anyone do one of those floating clean and very understadable interfaces before in blender…

Ok feedback…

Works on OSX 10.3 YaY!

The value to change the deformations needs a slider so I can go higer than 1.00 and pressing the + button to much takes to long when a slider would sufice. Better yet a huge slider like Luxoligy MODO or Project messiah uses would be cool.

I really did not get into it from there but it is very nice, I would just want a little more live realtime shape changeing instead of recalculating but that comes later I guess :smiley:

thank you

Don’t know how to describe your work, guys…
I’m very excited… I think MH should be an integral part of bf-blender…
Just awesome.
Thank you guys. This work rocks!

sliders could be add
for some reason clicking on the chest area to change it does nothing
in combination with those numbers
any clues how to change the breasts

That alpha version is so frikin amazing great work i reckon makehuman should coem with blender!