New MakeHuman under Blender

I have written some proof-of-concept code (at ) which runs part of the new MakeHuman under Blender. At the moment this script just allows a MakeHuman figure to be imported into Blender. However, once MakeHuman gets its planned pose and expression systems, it should be possible to add them to the script and enable using them for animation (ie driving the MakeHuman poses and expressions from Blender IPOs/Actions). The script is very raw and just exists to demonstrate the concept.

keep up the good work.
as more things evolve in the new Blender api,
it should be possible for complex control of MH via Blender.
buttons or a panel/shelf could do many things.

What i would really like to see is to open MH via Blender.
Then as you edit the mesh in MH it auto updates in the Blender 3dview .
This would be a great addition as with duel monitors & even widescreens set up properly you could have a really good seamless work-flow.

Keep up the good work.

That would mean running Blender and MakeHuman as two separate programs and running some sort of conveyor belt between them. A bit different.

It could be possible if makehuman suppourted verse…

I first export from MH a file in .obj format, then I import the .obj file into Blender so I save some work in modeling. Last time I want satisfied by MH since it produces only figures without any great details and the more you try to modify the mesh before exporting into the .obj file, the more raw and uneven the surface (skin, body/arms/legs/face contours) were!
Is your script doing something different? Like eliminating such uneven sectors…