New manifold extrude tool impression

Hi all,

as somebody that teaches SketchCrap for Interior Design I find the new manifold extrude tool quite nice, but it lacks the crucial ability to punch holes the way SketchUp can.

From my point this new tools feels missing a crucial tool - I dont even know where to really use it atm without the hole punch ability.

Whats your guys feeling?


Yeah, it’s not quite finished yet: devtalk thread.

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This ability model as silly as it sounds is very popular with SketchUp users.

I personally prefer boolean modifier, but I can see their case.

Would be great if the extrude manifold would fix those two issues aka crossing mesh lines / cutting holes.

Otherwise it seems like a UI clutter at the moment

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Germano has been working on a destructive extrude patch (ie. hole punching), though he may have been waiting for Howard to get done with the new boolean code. I think the manifold extrude uses the old boolean code to an extent.

Now that the new booleans are in, I would think there would be priority in finishing it, as the biggest potential roadblock has been removed.

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Ah that makes sense.

There are only few things left for Blender to compete with SketchUp like some CAD drafting and simply the ability to import SketchUp files.

While Sketchup has in deed a nice workflow but is also limited in what it can do where Blender just outperforms it

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Would be nice to have a manifold bevel tool with which you can create bevels/fillets that eat through geometry without getting stuck on a vertex. Like in CAD tools.

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There is an add-on in the blender market that has advanced bevel modeling tools even similar to Direct Modeling tools for CAD solids.