New maps don't load.

This one has me stumped and pulling my hair out. I’m sure it’s been answered, but I’m not using the right search terms.
I’m using 2.77(2016-3-19).

I’ve been following along with BornCG’s blender tutorial series up to episode 41. At this point I have a minecraft character created and have just added facial features (eyes, mouth, tongue, etc.). I’ve unwrapped the new features and can see their maps in the UV/Image Editor window. I can paint them the appropriate colors and save out the PNG file with the changes.

What I’m totally stumped on is seeing those changes back on my figure. Take the pupils for instance. If I move them over any other color, they don’t update in the 3D view. I’ve even tried deleting the UV map image and loading the newly created one, but all I get is old_UV_map.png.nnn (where nnn is an incrementing number) and the new image never appears in the list.


BornCG_Tutorial41-10.blend (1.12 MB)

Ensure the image texture in the material node is the actual texture you are painting on.

If I load the image in your post to the material, node and paint on it, the paint updates perfectly in the viewport and shows up perfectly when rendered