New Mech WIP <!!!-UPDATE #2-!!!>

(Bapsis) #1

Hey all,

Well, as promised, here is an update of my progress with my new mech. I really like how he’z turning out, tho im far from finished.

I still need to add more minute detail, like the bolts on some of the surface metal, and some more red spray paint type line marks around some of the parts. Anywayz, what do you think?

Any comments and critiqe to help me improve this model or texturing would be MUCHLY appreciated!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(BgDM) #2

Nice start. You forgott o push the sub-surf button though :wink:

Anyway, remember that sub-surf does not like triangles. Fix the ones in the feet and in the cockpit area.

Keep it up.


(Grizzly69) #3

Very cool indeed. Looking forward to the finished mech.

(S68) #4

Very cool!

Might need to set smooth…

Might need textures…

Is it already rigged???


(Bapsis) #5

Updated, read above!!! :wink:

Or just click here ( )


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(BgDM) #6

That texture does not do the model any justice at all. Sorry. It hides all the details.

I would think it should have panels and scratches, gunshot marks/residue all over it. Right now it is too shiny and clean. Also, I would suggest getting rid of the camoflauge as well, or lessinging the colour tones.


(Bapsis) #7

Hey again,

Well, i just gave the 'ol mech a new texture scheme, tho i rather liked the cammo… :wink:
Its still WIP, but hopefully not for long 'cuz i got an idea for an animation thats burning a hole in my mind!!! hehe :wink:

Anywayz, how’z she lookin now, any better?


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(BgDM) #8

That’s better. You can see the details on the mech much better now with this texture.

Now, get the thing smoothed out and fix some of the texture stretching and it will be great. Also, reduce the specularity on the material. Too shiny.


(Alltaken) #9

are the hands / shoulders going to be the same as each other

i’ve always been a fan of mechs with a claw and a big rocket launcer one on each hand. and also with different shoulders.

i don’t know i just think it would make it look meaner and nastier.

good so far

(thatbrikwal) #10

Depending on what sort of “personality” you’re going fo, this may be a good idea. For example, if this is one of several thousand mass produced, uniform, general-purpose fighting mechs, you will want the stuff to be uniform. If yo’re going for a rare/heavily modified, possibly mercenary mech, then the asymmetry can tell much about the mech’s purpose and history.

(stukkm) #11

bapsis, i can’t seem to get to your site. i wanna see your mech!

EDIT: oops, never mind it works now. that mech is looking good!

(pofo) #12

Looks good :slight_smile:
All the constructive crits have already been taken :wink:

  1. pofo

(I must make my mech more than just a leg some day)