New Mech

(Nayman) #1

Well, here is my first stab at a mech. It is small, maybe 12 feet tall, and if you look, you can see the realtive size off a person by the seat and control coloumn inside. The bullet chains need work, as does the back of the robot. Hmmm, oh yes, look for an inside joke to al blender users… “think symbol”

(Goofster) #2

cool mech!

next time can you give us some more clues? i had to stare at it for a couple of minutes before i saw it :smiley:


(bg3D) #3

Nayman, your stuff is sweet! period.
No clues needed. lol

(Nayman) #4

once i colour it, the areas will be orange, so it will stand outr a little more.

(harkyman) #5

Neat. A little different than other mechs I’ve seen here. BTW, that’s what my hip joint looks like too.

(Nayman) #6

really? can i see?

(blengine) #7

eeeep, what codec did u use? i cant playback

(Nayman) #8

DIVX 5.02

use it man, best thing around

miss number 4 though