New Member and WIP

Hello, all
Blender noobie here :o

I’ve been on the fence with Blender for a while now and decided to take the plunge. I’ve been into game modding for a little over a year and have been working in 3d since around 99. I have found Blender to be one of the most intuitive 3d apps I have ever used. Looking at the UI may be a little intimidating but makes absolute perfect since once you begin to use it. I primarily use Silo for modeling and Blender for everything else. The one thing that grabs me right off is that the UV tools in Blender are the best I have ever encountered.

Looking forward to learning from and contributing to the Blender community :RocknRoll:

So, without further ado, here is a little piece I am currently working on:

looking nice. i am assumin that you used blenders kickass uv tools for most of that!

Indeed I did! :yes:

yeah, looks good… maybe you would want to subsurf those barrels :wink:

Heh, I’m actually keeping it low poly. I’m kinda-sorta working on a little project ATM.
Not sure if it will turn out to be a game or just a fun level in UT3.

Well considering that you are not new to 3D this looks really good. If you were new to 3D and not just blender then this would be amazing. I am still new to both so I haven’t dug that deep into the UV tools though I have seen some of what they can do. However with this I can see that they are very powerful.

Keep up the good work.

sup SiriusCreative,

nice work man, the ground texture is especially cool!

crits would be that all the barrels texturing is exactly the same… not sure if you use one uv map or more, but you could make dirt uv’s and the map them to different co-ords and/or use some warping textures to make the barrels look slightly different.

nice work

ps the uv tools do rock :RocknRoll:

you can do that and call yourself a noob? thats awesome!!

Thanks for the crits :slight_smile:

HJ05: I still have a lot to learn about 3D because my experience has neither been practical or consistent :slight_smile:

a.vector: It just the same barrel copied (lazy :wink: ) I like your suggestion about the dirt and mixing up the texture to create a unique look. Simple and effective.

I still have a ton to learn and I am really loving Blender the more I use it.

I still have a ton to learn and I am really loving Blender the more I use it.

same here!