New member in the community: Hi!


I’m a new member and I just downloaded blender. I already watched some tutorials for the basic stuff like keyframes, scaling and rotating cubes…

I played a bit with blender and I started to like it… I’d like to become an animator and learn more about this program… I have a lot of ideas in mind for the blender projects that I could do and I’d really like that one day they become real projects.

I also saw that in the forum there is a section where people can write scripts or requests and then the animators will make them real…

So… where do I start? Is there a section for new members like me where they can learn and create little projects together?

Thanks for your time! :slight_smile:


welcome to blender artist
choosing blender as your first choice is the right decision as blender is the easiest powerful free 3d engine
i am not a professional artist as i am my self a member her
you can learn how to work on blender and animate easy and fast , it doesn’t need like year,s to do it, i learned it like in 18 month,s
about where you can start you can start by the easy thing,s for ex how to model how to texture how to animate then go the the next step and so on
but about where you can write a script so other,s work on it, i am not sure where is this as i never explored all of the forum
but other than that i think you,l find a very helpful member,s who are ready to help you and i wish you luck for that :slight_smile:

Ok thanks for the reply… I will check some tutorials on this website too!