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Hello one and all. I am a new member to the forums and a new user of the Blender software. I wasn’t sure where to post my first questions I have, but I would be leaning to what I assume is something of modelling usage of the software. I just have come across a couple of things that have given me questions I would like help with.

  1. I don’t have Python which the program asks I download. In the same window that comes up it says that when I click “OK” it will take me to the website where I can download the version of Pyython I need, but it doesn’t do so. When I go to the Python website I find several versions of Python to download and I’m not sure as to which one I’m supposed to download.

  2. As a start I wanted to try making papercrafts from the polygon figures Blender can create. The issue I have come across here is that out of the several tutorials I have come across I have not found one that explains how to (if it’s even possible) paste a picture onto a model. I know I could paint the model as the character looks, but I have come across some papercrafts that have image on them that is right off of a video-game sprite (as an example). Unless that is done using a different 3D modelling software.

I can’t wait to start learning the Blender software.

For blender 2.49, i’d would use python 2.65 (version 2.7 has recently been released so this may also be good. For blender 2.49 don’t use python 3.x).
Python is needed for some of the additional scripts. For general use, especially if you are starting to use blender you don’t have to install the full version of python so don’t worry about it…

There are several to choose from:
"This is a production release; we currently support these formats:

Windows x86 MSI Installer (2.6.5) (sig) = Use if you have a 32bit version of windows
Windows X86-64 MSI Installer (2.6.5) [1] (sig) = use if you have a 64bit version of windows
You most likely have a 32bit version of windows so try the first one.
These are both installers so download the one you need, double click and accept everything.

Thank you very much!

Alot of the good tutorials are at 555 blender tutorials . Ive been using Blender almost everyday for a year now and it still surprises me everyday what it can do. You can paste a picture onto a model easily . Blender 2.49 and 2.5+ are different , I use both . In 2.49 …Right click the model to select it… F5 …add new …F6… add new … texture type scroll …click image …click load .find image in your files select it and click select image. To adjust hit f5 and then map input

Ok I did the image selection on a flat face of a cue just for practice, but when I get to the image selection step there are zeros beside my files which I assume means the software cannot identify any pictures it can read? Are there only certain types of files I can use?

There are number of method one can “past” an image on to a mesh. Normally you just flatten out the image with photo editing software then apply it as a decal or UV texture. Or you can use projection painting image onto an mesh. Or, just lay UV over an image, like I made here quick and dirty. I just eyeballed box proportion and lay the UV over an image to fit and project. Note that image projection will produce some image distortion.