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Hi everybody, my name is Alessandro and I am actually enrolled at AnimSchool studying animation.
My prior experience with 3D graphics is close to zero, I begun with ZBrush, thinking that things were faster if I wanted to move to animation, but when I realized the amount of time needed to specialize from modeling till animation I have chosen to go for it, so I am not a 3D graphics expert at all.
Blender is pretty new to me as I’ve been only working with maya (other than ZBrush) so far, but I have heard very good things about Blender and here I am. At the moment I can’t show anything made on Blender, but I hope I can work on some shots soon :slight_smile:

Welcome here, and look forward to your shots!

Thanks :slight_smile: I need to understand how things work (as soon as I have time I’ll do) cause yesterday I tried and I have just broken the rig hehehe :smiley: