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I’m new to the forum, post #1, and I"m typing fresh on the heels of finishing my very first Blender tutorial (the coffee cup).

I have been around other places with the same user name. You can find me on the Photoshop Gurus forum and Deviant Art.

I’m looking forward to learning Blender, and any tips, hints, good websites or channels for tutorials and other info would be greatly appreciated.

Cool. Welcome to the club. Practice a lot. Gather references. Try sketching out ideas you have on a notepad or something. I hope you enjoy your stay here.

Oh wow, another new Blender member. Welcome! You know what? I’m actually surprised that we don’t have a new members welcome forum already, especially since I’ve seen other forums do it. If any other new members want to comment here, feel free to introduce yourself to the community. If you’re not rude, I won’t bite.

Yeah, definitely, we should have a welcome forum. Hello!

Hello! fellow new member here too! Will be good to see people around

Hello! I am new here, nie to meet you:D

hello I am new here nic to meet ))

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hello welcome. practice a lot. push yourself to keep improving you’ll not be new in no time.

I am so new on this forum, it seems I can not post anything for the second day… I am just wondering, are all three of my messages are being moderated or they are lost forever?
There should be some notice anywhere?

Best regards.

Hello. I’m also new here and learning to use Blender. I’m following the wiki book Blender 3D Noob to Pro:

It seems like a good learning resource. So far I have been bouncing back and forth between that wiki and BornCG’s Blender 2.7 tutorials on youtube:

And of course, lots of tinkering around in Blender along the way.

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