New method to resize bones since BSoD?

Hello guys,

AFAIK, the method described in the Introduction to Rigging BSoD,
1.2.2 Resizing a Bone sub-section
doesn’t work anymore in version 2.45 (or earlier?): if both ends of a bone are selected Shift+S > Cursor to Selection sends the cursor to the root point, not in between both ends.
If I am right I’ll try to get this section edited but please correct me if I am wrong.


I think you’re right Jean. It also seems easier to me to just resize with S key and any value you need - .25 for 25% for example - seems quicker than the old method anyway.

i just always just grab the tip.

Thank you guys.
I always scaled to taste myself but it could be nice to be able to position the 3D cursor in between the end points sometimes… Anyway, the more I re-read this BSoD and the more outdated it appears.
I’ll wait until I can fully measure the work that has to be done before committing myself to it. Fortunately, most of what’s been written for it is still solid so an update could be a 3-4 days of work…