Well, i thank everyone for the votes
that meant i came out on top in the
last contest. It was close !!!

And so now the buck has been passed to me to organise a contest.


The Blender Low poly Environment Modelling/texturing Contest.

  1. The contest starts as soon as it is THURSDAY 15th by GMT.

  2. The contest ends as soon as it is THURSDAY 22nd by GMT.

  3. To enter, post a reply to this thread.

  4. The poly limit is 3000 tris.

  5. The model you build should be of ONE indoor room, NOT an out door scene. This can be any room, like the inside of a gothic church or a science laboritory.

  6. The entry will be a number of Jpg images showing various view points from within the built room.

  7. Textures can be taken or built from any source in anyway, as long as no copyrights are broken. All other work must be done within blender. Textures should be no larger than 512 x 512 and a maximum of 15 textures is allowed. This however is the upper limit. most entries are expected to have fewer textures at smaller resolutions.

  8. Use of light is encouraged whether dynamic or baked onto the vertex colours

  9. Have fun!!! I look forward to seeing people getting started.

Those entering the contest are listed HERE:
lizard 809
z3r0 d
Doc Holiday


i shall enter this although seems no one else is… :< :< :< :< :<

most people don’t respond even that quickly to any thread on elysiun, much less ones in the game engine forum

I don’t have any ideas at the moment [and I consider 3k tris a bit low] but I’ll enter too

im in

Well… I’ll give it a go but I’m really just a begginer! Havn’t even worked out how to add dynamic lights yet hehe.

Anyway, count me in :slight_smile: and prepare to laugh!

in too

Nice Abracsis, but sadly I can’t join, I go on 16 july on summer holiday until 15 august. Otherwise I had joined it. :smiley: Good luck with organising this contest. I’ll view the entry’s afther my holiday, so keep them somewhere to preview. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll join…

Let’s see if I can ACTUALLY finish anything this time :stuck_out_tongue:

hopefully i will get around to doing this one. i think i have a sort of idea.

I have some Questions:

  1. What or who is GMT?
  2. How do the Polys of addet Objects count? (For Torches; Smoke and such Things)
  3. Why just Images and not a downloadable *.blend-File?
  4. …most entries are expected to have fewer textures at smaller resolutions. Sorry, my english isn’t so well. What does that mean?
    Thanks, Doc

Abracsis, I want in…and let’s keep these gameengine contest going everyone! 8) it dont matter if you win or loose as long as you keep
polishing your skills and you get to see everybodys cool ideas right?..

  1. GMT is Greenwich Mean Time. (London England time) in the middle of all time zones.

  2. well a torch should really use an animated texture.
    I didn’t think about smoke… just be sensible with it.

  3. just images because thats how it will be judged. in a poll. Look at the way the last contest was voted on. This will be done in the same way.
    Too many entries for everyone who wants to vote to download every .blend.

  4. you can ignore that sentence. but it means, try not to use 15 textures all at 512x512. Think of it as a maximum.


I’m in, i can at least model enviornments, can’t model characters :smiley:

GMT is General Mountain Time, it’s a time zone.


do props count as part of the poly limit?
and count me in please

Aha! Thanks for the Answers. Anyway, it sounds pretty good. You can count me too.

An other Idea to the Texture limitation: Wouldn’t it be better to limit the total Size of all used Textures to 1,5-2MB? So we could use more, but smaller Textures. Also, it would make tiling of Textures much easier.

Count me in!

I wanna play too, maybe I can do better on an environment than a character, lol. :smiley:

Can’t think of anything original but I’ll give it a go!


I’ll join

Now its a contest =o)

Look up the light bullet game (if you can find it) it has dynamic lighting to it.